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Leger with us on the jim bohannon show with dr david beethoven he's a professor of history of the university of alabama co author with his wife of t r m howard theodore roosevelt mason howard dr entrepreneur civil rights pioneer and as we will learn here in a moment to a man who did not mince words exactly this wasn't exactly a step and fetch it in terms of his language have a call from vicinity in cedar rapids iowa who calls in tonight and good evening welcome thank you jim before taking my call david english for the show and i have a very different question i i am trying to put together the reason why blacks in america from ats sixty into mid nineteen sixties they voted republican and i was just wondering what's mr howard's i i feel the asian what political affiliation was mr howard's dr howard's political affiliation was he was a republican his mentor was manny will mason a white doctor in murray kentucky mason's wife actually ran as a republican for congress and she was sort of howard's a mentor as well he ended up after he moved to chicago he ended up running as the republican candidate for congress and he lost badly he was her challenging the daley machine during that period the black representative of the daley machine but he but he remainder republican although you right here and i'll just quote again from the book trm howard he backed president franklin roosevelt but only conditionally once the economy improved the onus was on the president to quote to say this far and no farther to mob violence and other injustices which are forced up on black americans and if always simplifying a bit because he did have an interlude there where he was a republican in fact he campaigned i think he campaigned for hoover and then he he sort of had a time there where he was floating around and in mississippi for a brief time he was with the black democrats 'cause that was the only game in town and then he kind of return to the republican party after that and supported eisenhower he had here and i quote again from your book he had no time for the various quote boneheaded pussyfooting grafting.

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