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Dirk Nowitzki, Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Clayton Kershaw will join us on loan for the dodgers. Kind of fascinated with the Dirk Nowitzki coming back for his twenty first season. But what I think he's been able to do the last couple of years is is figure out what that role is an embraces role because he's no longer the star that team. You do go out to sea Dirk Nowitzki, but you know, he's not the future. He's not even the president really. You know, you got Luca Danni chick who's coming in Dennis Smith junior and you're trying to have building blocks there. I don't think it can be a negative if you have dirt as far as preparing to play practicing time, put in, that's what separated. Dirk, from a lot of players is he had this workout regimen and he he and Steve Nash would workout constantly constantly playing one on one. Even the exercises that Dirk was doing was different than other NBA players. But you go back to that draft night. Somebody should do a thirty for thirty on draft night trades. Like what? If they didn't happen? If the bucks had kept Turk Novitski. You know, because it was a straight up trade for tractor trailer. Olden Polynice and Scottie Pippen if Scottie Pippen had ended up in Seattle and politics with the bulls, there's certain moves that have been made that have changed a league chance, change the landscape over a decade or fifteen years. You know, if if David Robinson doesn't get injured and hurts his back in and sits out in the Spurs win the lottery. What if Duncan ends up with the Celtics when Rick Pitino is there, there's so many of those stories and those are draft night trades, but just things that happened and they happen for a reason and how it changed the history of basketball? Yep. There's a lot of little ones that are sneaky. The sons drafted Rajon Rondo and sold him to the Boston for cash considerations. Yeah. But you can go back and you know there was the the trade with Kevin love that was a draft night, trade right? Polish OJ, mayo, mayo, and Kevin love. So a lot of those crazy traits and how they affected the the NBA the future, Clayton Kershaw dodgers pitcher, seven time all star three times Cy Young winner, joining us on the program. It's been a while how you been. I'm good. How are you doing? I'm good. How's the? How's the family. Sandwich. Good. They're, they're not in Philly with me right now out of great city for kiddos. So they're hanging back and just enjoying some baseball. How important is it for them to see you see, dad pitch and pitch at a high level. Well, pitch at a high level would be great. No matter who's watching. I dunno..

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