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Doctors are often present during interogations, but I assure jn a friend's ex surgeon with a bone saw that just seems like an odd detail or an odd piece of equipment to bring to something. If you're not planning on song something or somebody up. Indeed. And why would the operation be taking place in the first place? Why would they be interrogating and potentially trying to abduct Jamal Kush shook, Jay from Turkey to Saudi Arabia? If this wasn't something of vital national security importance if they didn't see this or if they didn't see because shook g. as dissident who pose some kind of existential threat, why wouldn't they have gone to the top? Also another important detail coming out from Turkish authorities today Anderson. They shared with CNN passports scans of seven of the men who were part of this operation. Lo and behold, one of them has been seen on state television alongside crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman. Everything seems to be pointing to the idea that the men who are involved with this operation. Indeed, the men who organized it or the man, I should say, organize it had a close relationship were often in close proximity with the man who is the defacto leader already of this country. Cush award appreciate the details. Now to that point, more new reporting on on just how closely connected the alleged killers are to NBS Mohammed bin Salman by extension, the level of deniability he has. It comes in the pages of the New York Times. David Kirkpatrick is on the byline. He's also the author of into the hands of the soldiers, freedom and chaos in Egypt and the Middle East. Dave, what can you tell us about these four suspects and their connections to crown prince Mohammad bin Salman. Whether it's really by suspects of interest here, four of them, we have identified as security men essentially the travel with crown prince Mohammad. So basically, these are members of his security detail who Turks officials have also said, flew into is temporal in participated in what they say is the killing of Jamal for showing in addition, the fifth one is the now famous forensics doctor who brought his bone saw to the to the events in the consulate with a. The notion the president put forward yesterday. This was done by quote, rogue killers. Does that make any sense given what you're learning? I mean, if if the close security personnel, the crown prince are there and you know, the top friends surgeon is shown up with a bone saw flying in on a private jet. That doesn't sound like a rogue operation. It becomes harder and harder to believe because you you when you realized that these guys at least one of these guys. We have photographic evidence that he is with the crown prince again and again in city after city, you know, looking on a like a goon really. And so you have to picture these guys saying, hey boss, I'm going to be gone for a few days. I'm gonna go over to Istanbul. The take care that they would Shoghi. How does he not know it's very hard to believe, and yet that's what we're told the Saudis are going to try to suggest and this forensic doctor. I mean, one typically. I don't think brings friends Dr to an interrogation. Yes. Sometimes people wanna have a doctor president at interrogation, but not one with a bone saw. Yeah, that's yes. You might think, well, you bring along doctor in case the person you're questioning needs medical care, but this doctor specialty is people who are already dead. And in fact there dismemberment so it's, it is stringent as you say. He's a high ranking figure in the Saudi medical establishment. He may have been the foremost forensic specialists in all of Saudi Arabia. So not just any old person in the security services could recruit him from mission like this..

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