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Him. And don't do it. Don't do it even though he was saying horrible things. I don't think that they like certain be necessarily want pity. Like I think that's why he was up there. Say don't vote for me in fact it's like I have a massive. I'm still onstage during this and somebody else watching who might have ms or anything else. I personally would like you guys to fill. So that's all you can handle it. Did you start watching the show right when it when it aired or were you like? Oh I don't need to watch the show or oh now I had to watch plus you have to blog about it and oh that's right you you have no choice. You get a few days earlier. Say that they used to do it like a couple of weeks early now. It's just a few day. It's usually the Friday before and it comes out on Tuesday so you have the weekend to take xanax and drink because you know you're the public and the world out. There is going to hate your guts on Tuesday now. I want to know because I love the behind the scenes. I could say nobody cares. What kind of bags? I buy backs? Did you buy during fit like I love details because then I really envisioned the whole team? Did you get the urge to tech some of the people between the Friday by the time it aired? Like what the Hell especially when you would find out. Somebody was talking behind your back. I would really drive to their house with a bottle with an uber by the way not in trouble because I think you and I were in the same Joe. Yeah I actually was a fun time but I would. I would not be able to just put that aside and let it simmer until the show came out I would say. Why did you say this? I would want a full Powell off camera. Yeah so here's the thing so when you're in you you fill mercies and you're over these girls so when seasons over your by Veg. I'll see you at the reunion. We all need a break from each other because there is a lot of drama and it is taxing. These this is like you don't get to like it's not about gossiping. Behind someone's back you come in you say to their face and it's like boom. I feel like that's house is brings a little bit like I see these girls at a normal dinner with no camera and they're talking about so and so who just went to the bathroom. That will never come too light or surface with housewives. You'd have to be like I think you look like crap tonight and I wanna tell you the hooker already so it kind of it makes you like what's the word makes you. You have to deal with things right now right here and then we take a break. Wait till the reunion comes out because we all pissed all over again and then we fight for twelve hours on a couch on reunion. So and that's kind of what the show has become the show I think the housewives franchise started off It showed US everything. Was it fun to see that. But it also showed a lot of the positive stories and I think the franchise itself has really gone to fight. Fight fight every episode. And it's not pretty. It's not making Saepo. The franchisor is that the new girls feel like that's what they have to do. They're supposed to memes. They want everything made after them and they want to be now. We know housewives dropping left and right and you have to anchor yourself at the same time as beloved by the gays. Say Re tweet all your stuff. I mean once gays love you as Bravo Liberty. Then then you're set. Do you remember your first full day of filming. Did you like super clean the house. Did you get a makeover before? Was it totally undermined? Like they're going to be my house. They're going to like hide. The sex toys. Hide you know my stinky socks like nope. I was like. You want to see my reality. I sit on the floor and get ready with all my makeup on the ground and this is my riady. I didn't want to pretend to be someone wasn't because I'm not that girl I'd never called in Glam. Yeah for a party. Maybe if my friend was over he would do my hair but never I wasn't. I feel like that's Erika Jayne. That's that's what she does. It's who she is then. I feel like all of the girls. That's what you're supposed to do. So they all kind of copied her and what I like is when they bring on characters that are original like I do like emily from Orange County because she has a story tall and it's not the same story and she's not the one throwing wine and screaming but she's interesting to me she's every person to me and like we have insecurities about our body. We feel bad when our friends stop paying attention to us. We have relationship problems. We'RE STRONG IN ONE ASPECT. Now the she is so likable. Because it's like I'm I'm her. She showing her struggles. Yeah she's being like yeah. His parents help us. That gives us all the money. I like her honesty and how she's like putting it all out there and she's not turning into what everyone thinks are supposed to be. That's the problem. I have with a lot of these new people. It's like no. They hired you. They liked who you are. So don't turn into Tamra Barney because you think that's what you're supposed to be. Do you know what I'm saying? I just I don't think I just like originality and I think that the housewives themselves are the ones that are causing the problem. Not The franchise fifty because he will come on and they think that that's what they're supposed to do. We're GONNA take a quick break when we come back we have more with Brandi Glanville. We're GONNA take our infamous horrible Celtics. I'm terrible at taking selfies but I'm horrible but check out the SELFIE. Instagram at on the rocks on air. Okay let's do it we're great. Hey everyone it's brandy. I'm here to tell you about one of my new favorite podcast. It's called everything iconic with Danny Pellegrino. He's a comedian writer. And on his podcast he breaks down reality television and iconic pop culture that we all love to talk and gossip about like real housewives underpants roles and he rahm consider new pop music Danny and his special guesting deep breaking down. What makes this genre all to juicy? And Benjamin and of course he pokes a little fun along the way he's hide iconic award winning actors Musicians Reality TV stars like South Drag Queens Comedians and everyone in between some of his notable guests have included Jennifer Love Hewitt Elizabeth Olsen Alice Hannigan Bravo libraries like myself saucy Schroeder Kelly Dod so the Bailey. Kate chastain from below deck. We all know her. My favorite kind And so many more but don't take it from me. Everything iconic has over seven million downloads to date. And you should probably just hear it for yourself. Don't miss a beat joined Danny Pellegrino twice a week on apple AAC cast or wherever you get your podcasts dirty already without me. So we have rapid rapid fire Worst.

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