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Dot com slash go to learn more. Good evening. It's 10 38 traffic and weather on the AIDS back to Bob and the traffic center. Well, very slippery conditions around the region. Tonight we've had more crashes South bound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway after 1 97 squeezing by to the right around the crash, two calls around the crash on South bound Leonardtown Road after the first intersection of Renner Road, and before the second intersection, the South bound lanes blocked by the crash. And that was before the responders got there. So South bound on Lynn Town Road after the first intersection of rent a road before the second intersection, the Runner Road and Clara Barton Park. Will you stop both ways near Glen Echo because of the crash involving an overturned vehicle Now North bound on the cheese 70 spur the crash involved Jack Night Tractor trailer, and there you were getting by by squeezing to the left single file. On route 50 eastbound and boy before 1 97. There was a crash along the left side of the roadway. And in Virginia on 60 60 start the ramp to the inner loop. The crash on the left side of the rampart you can get by. They're looking for one in Springfield Down 95 north bound of the ranch. It takes you to the interlude toward Tyson. So be alert for that. And of course, that Springfield interchange very icy under night like this. All those bridges there Meantime, traffic on 3 95 is running well in both directions and the district south bound on I 2 95 after the 11th Street Bridge on the flyover Bridge at last report, Whole lanes were blocked around the crash. Bobbin were w t o p traffic. Well, we had some snow. Let's check in now with storm team for meteorologist Mike Standiford to see what's going on next overnight and into the morning, Mike. It looks like freezing rain. Gonna be a problem.

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