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And i i can tell you having just gone through mexican airports the screening is lacking i i had adidas sneakers that have a metal sheet metal toe cap and it set off the metal detector and i forgot about them because i had never worn them through security before and so they didn't make you take your shoes off often you just walk through and the guy said okay there's something metal and i said well maybe it's my ring and i couldn't think of it and then lewis said oh no it's your sneakers and i said all right it's my sneakers and he just looked down and went okay we'll go through i could have had bombs in my sneakers and that was it he just smile that means it okay go on okay so let's go one step third of further with this of overview of what's going on in terms of travelling i'm wondering what this announcement from the hawaii emergency management the agency is going to do to those of us who love hawaii and who would like to go to hawaii and spend time i think this a wonderful place i love going i love hawaii area so yesterday or subtitler member winter was but i i saw this than i sorta caught my eye and then i went back to it again because of the ongo going north korean missile tests the hawaii emergency management agency is starting an educational campaign aimed at helping you if you're a resident there's we got a couple of stations listening to us in on the islands in hawaii i wonder with those of you over there a thinking and the those of us who are here who would like to be a visitor wanna go over there but there now beginning warren folks who were there that the state is a target of a nuclear missile attack or a potential target from the north koreans so i'm thinking about this and wondering whether it's some officials going too far.

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