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Baby that they have over here. That's what it deals with. And he quotes a contemporary of his was a little bit older one of the great revered sages of his era elliott lumpkin was widely considered to be one of the great sages highest righteous men of of of his time in fact there seems to be documentation that he had a visitation of elijah. How do i know that. Because that's my grandfather rights yet. He quotes the teaching of talmud comet says as follows. Thomas says jewish centers with their body and non jewish centers with their body. What happens to them. They descend to him and they are judged into hem for twelve months and after twelve months their bodies destroyed and their soul is nothing but a heap of ashes and a wind comes and the wind blows the leftover residue of their soul under the feet of the righteous. That's what the common says. That's sterry right. That's kinda sterry so rebellious olympian said that this even though it sounds very negative. Actually this is a very high level of achievement. When was only burned the him for twelve months and still something left of them and the wind comes and blows under the feet of the righteous. It's such a high level that he hopes that after he dies he's able to obtain that level. That's my grandfather writes about. Someone who allegedly had a visitation of elijah. The todic is like he so unsure with himself. who knows. do. I really have accomplished anything. The self critique so intense and the absorption of how toward judges someone in how that it'd be wild different than how we've yourself. That was so ingrained that he's i hope even achieved this level and toss it. Sounds like this is the centers. People sit with their body. It's terrible thing that they're burn for twelve months and whatever's left is swept under the under the feed south and he's like i really strive to hit that level that's an illustration of how the righteous themselves and i think from this story and the contrast the.

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