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That dmc and northwood university once again from the chevrolet display here's guy while this procedure will not satisfy everyone on both sides it's a way forward i'm confident that we can get the sixty votes in the senate for a dhaka bill and now there is a real pathway to get a bill on the floor and through the senate it is a good solution and i will vote for it but that way four would have been impossible had there not been a group of twenty lawmakers from both sides of the aisle moderates who cobbled together this path forward to february eight and part and parcel of that was trusting uh senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to do what he said he was going to do which is to have a vote on daca one of those congressmen on the democratic i should say senators on the democratic side who was essential in this with the group of twenty with senator gary peters who joins us this afternoon senator i think a lot of folks w i'd like to see some bipartisan progress so congratulations on this well thank you and i and you're right they're renewed to come together in of i apart choir i was happy to be part of that group are when it looked as a hoax simple you are talking to each other would you simply unacceptable and we've got together grip pillows roughly half republicans half democrats and i will fail is great to be part of that group because everybody checked all the political rhetoric at the door on uh came down roll up their sleeves and set okay how do we uh fix this impasse that we are asked we have to open up the government simply irresponsible not uh have a functioning government thud we have some issues that we have to address let's do a practical common sense way but what really change because books in a number of publicans were already saying look you have our commitment that we need to fix daca you know that we know so what really change the discussion in the.

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