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Them installed at your home or office. Go mobile indeed. Calm. We come to you. Mm hmm. We've got traffic on the fives of map Bear in the WBC traffic center. What's up, Tony? There is a closed around Hendricks County. It's westbound is 70 after state Road to 67. All lanes are closed, talkto and done, They said. This because of your old truck Trying to figure out could be a semi could be a box truck. But it's covering all lanes of westbound 70 right now, shutting down the interstate west of State Road to 67. Right now we're backed up about a mile and a half of stop traffic and we're getting pushed and exit 66 that state roads. 67 again. All lanes closed. Westbound 70 after state Road to 67 traffic sponsored by Panera and Panera. Dinner is hot and ready to serve. Bring over There is cheesy flatbread pizzas, toasty sandwiches or creamy Mac and cheese with deliver your pickup availability and pricing. Mayberry I met Bear with traffic on the fives follow with sides, whatever W will I be sea traffic. We've got 66 degrees in the American Standard Cooling weather Center. The time right now is 8 16. Good morning stuff. Way discussed The Indianapolis 500 mile race. First things first. Tony Cats and 93. W I. B c, I will be there, starting at five A.m.. With your pre race coverage myself in jam. The map bear will be right where he is making sure you've got the traffic situation set up. So you get there easily and quickly And with some North split changes and things like that it might change how you get over there. And who knows what can happen No matter where we'll have you covered. Are you ready, man? Yeah. Stretches salute your.

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