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Three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number. If you want to join us, we've been talking about some of these classic live action, Saturday morning shows that were reminiscing about and the talking about how what we used to watch. When we were kids growing up sitting in front of the TV in our pajamas eating some cereal on a Saturday morning. Three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number. Here is white hen, Jim. Hi, jim. Nikki, our you buddy. All right, Nick, not Nikki. Thank you. Friend. Sorry. That's okay. The. Addition to uncle Johnny coons, of course. And we'd rush home at lunchtime to make sure we had this which orange juice or something. What should uncle Johnny the? Also, there was a program. I think it was called, but Winky Dink, and you it was a weird little show where you would be as as a as a viewer you would be asked to send in for this little kit. And they would give you a piece of film that you would put over your TV screen, right? During the during the episode the hero would would get into some kind of peril. And you would be asked to draw him a bridge between two precipices or something. And I watched a guy running across your fridge. So yeah, no. I remember I remember that there was there. They actually had a couple of different shows that that that the where they tried to do that. But they get big he'd send away for one of these cellophane things that you would stick on the TV. And it wouldn't it was also there was another. Sort of thing that you would stick on the TV in order to make it look like it was color when you just had a black and white set in and for people who don't remember that there used to be days when there was just black and white TV's. There was not a black and white set. But you could get this thing on the screen, and it looks like it was color. All right. Jim thanks for the call three one two nine eight one seven two hundred the phone number. Here's Jeff on WGN. Hi, jeff..

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