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At bright vibe. We believe everyone deserves to be happy. But in today's world, everywhere you turn, there is division and negativity. At bright vibe, we have created a global movement to bring 8 million people together who are inspired to live bright, live bold and share bright vibes. Alone it can be hard to change, but together we can change the world. Welcome to the bright vibe podcast. Tara J Frank, welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it. Yeah, thanks for coming on. So you just released a book very recently. The way makers clearing the path to workplace equity with competence and confidence and my first question for you today is what is a way maker? We're going right in. We're going right in. We don't mess around on this show. It's like, let's get to it. Well, we'll start there and then we'll back our way in. But I always like to know what the heck is a way maker. I love it. Well, it is the big question. So here's what I will say about that. I work in workplace equity, so I essentially help companies leaders at a high level, better understand their current workplace culture, imagine a preferred culture, and then build the bridge between those two points, right? And what I really try to help them do is ensure they have a workplace where every single person has an opportunity to win. You know, to thrive to contribute. So as I reflected, you know, every black and brown person every woman, et cetera, those who exist on dimensions of difference who made it to the top of their game. However, they define game. Did so, not only because of systems change, which we tend to talk a lot about when it comes to equity, but also because somebody made a way for them. Full stop, right? Somebody saw them saw the light in them, reflected that light back to them. Ask them what they aspire to, open doors, remove barriers, so a way maker is a leader with a heart to lead in a heart to lead equitably who opens doors for other people and ushers them through to higher levels of contribution on purpose. Where did you get that term way maker? I've heard that, but is there some historical origin behind way maker or is that? Well, it's in

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