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These has been mm hmm aw raise the pieces aaron's made in this exhibition are rethinking zivalj cherries of works than somebody existed before his approach to making uh is very much people can come together an experienced coming together and really that's the most effective thing about his work is that when you're in them really want to be anywhere else you wanna kind of get into the works in front of understand them they are quite hypnotic in palu in and that's an as with nielsen who is the director gallery director of the supplements collection in north london that exhibition ends today speaking that a monocle sephiha ahmadi but it's time now for us we can read and each week we hear from a different often i look we've all heard of shakespeare and we've all heard a star wars particularly this week but imagine trying to put them together that is what in did his latest work is cold i promise you i'm not making this up star wars parts of the seventh the full stuff awaken he explained his stories to georgina godwin i've studied music studied theology and ethics and was a pastor of the church for a short time than had a day job in marketing i've been all over the place and then one day back in 2012 had the idea to turn star wars into a rewrite it as though were a play by shakespeare and sled me now through seven books how did that stop that i mean what is that ten of an idea come from well i had recently watched the star wars trilogy with some dear friends of mine i had attended the oregon shakespeare festival and then i also.

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