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A thirty seven year old man from China and an eighty one year old woman from New York branch calls dominion says that's how many reports they received yesterday of scammers trying to pressure people while spoofing the power companies numbers. Typically, the customers have been told to purchase a prepaid card at a local store and call in number and to give them the number on the card. And of course, this is the worst thing you can do because these cards cannot be traced. So once you do that your money is gone pretty much dominions car Gotti. She says the company does make calls, but will not pressure people. In fact, they will work to create payment plans. Well, we've been getting rain today. Apparently, it's been snowing in the mountains state police say between fifty and seventy five vehicles have been stuck at points today on route three. Thirty-three near the Rockingham and Greene county lines. A Florida man has pleaded guilty in pipe mailings that targeted CNN and Trump critics before the midterm elections. Caesar's SaK has been behind bars since his arrest last October, Maryland depressing the pressuring the feds to hand over the troubled and problematic. Baltimore Washington Parkway. Which some of you may take from time to time the road is poorly maintained and needs fixing says, Maryland transportation secretary, Pete wrong. There's a need we believe for that road to be managed differently? Congress needs to make the change for the National Park Service to Maryland twenty six people have been killed in the past two years on the roadway Ron says it needs a new design Maryland is ready to step up and take on the the long term maintenance and.

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