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I love charlie. And jack is talking about is is funny nature at times but i think we're all laughing because we don't know how else to react to. How serious this action. Because we precisely and so. But that's where all of you come in and the hundreds of thousands of people watching is that we're going to show the strength of that support network we're going to show the strength of staying engaged in saying involved. Okay well just so enclosing with this. They're going to screw this up. They're gonna mess it up so we have two choices one choice. Is we do a pity party. And we disengaged and then i guarantee you six months from now nine months from now there will be millions of people that want to come back into the republican conservative movement and we will not have done our job for six months and we'll just be sitting there being like. I thought it was over. I felt terrible in january. And unsubscribe to all the emails. And i told them to stop texting me and i told them. I'm not going to buy another pillow and i'm done no no by the pillow by the pillow. So that's one option or the other option. Is we say the more they throw at us are will will only strengthen our resolve will only strengthen the more that they try to break our will the more that they try to metaphorically blitz conservative christian movements. We are going to rebuild by day. And i will only rededicate ourselves more because then in six or nine months from now when this entrepreneurial genius is just exploding which i can already feel it. We're gonna new servers. Well have new phones. Left's new social media and it's gonna be messy at first you're gonna have like. What was that telegraph. What was that like. I have to do a podcasting. Yeah it's gonna get hard. Okay you're not gonna have one place to go for everything and then all of a sudden things will start to make sense again. Because that's the way that there's there's a rhythm to this stuff and then nine months we do our job. The democrats will have messed everything up. They're going to. They're going to be responsible for all that. I do hope they succeed. I do. I want the country to succeed. I'm not going to be like them like bill. Maher i hope for a session. I actually want what's best for the country. I just know what their policies actually ended up resulting. But here's what's going to happen if we do our job nine months from it'll happen like this. We're going to be so prepared with great candidates so enthused precinct committeeman positions filled. All those three boxes. There will be two thousand twenty two that will make twenty sixteen looked like a ripple and the democrats will get back into substantial power again and churches will be frame listen. Christians will be turning back to the bible. churches will be on fire. That used to be on fire. I think they'll be walking around trying to get churches on fire and listen. We need every church that teaches the word of god and everyone church. That doesn't stay closed but the listen there is going to be. There's going to be a move of the holy spirit. Because i don't think god's done this i don't think that's done with america in its spiritual covenant with god. There could be an amazing last moment of great revival great awakening. I pray for that. You should prepare your heart for that and church. Listen finally this and we didn't rehearse this do you want to tell them. About what a possible turning point. Usa oh well we will tease it. A little bit teaser. Very very big ideas to bring the model and we think we can do this through our expertise at turning point two churches all across the country to get more people more pastors to give them the organizational to give them the leaders. And the mentors like jack to start. Calvary chapel chino hills revolution across the country where pastors doing this through turning-point and throughout organizing capacity. I want you. If by two thousand twenty two there are hundreds of pastors that are preaching with the bold conviction of jackets. Because you imagine and and we we believe that we are able to bring a lot of the organizational expertise and capacity and they'll be some really really big announcements and we might wanna start a turning point chapter here at this church the good. I think it's waiting waiting because want we want the church to get involved in the accuracy. Alert aware what's going on around me. How do i bring the teachings of the bible to local civic government and so and here's the final final thing thank you for subscribing to the podcast. I do appreciate it because it's an over the top way to stay in touch. But here's here's the way. I'm gonna keep on doing this every day on my radio show. And here's how a really really gonna win if you do not show sadness or somber and you remain a happy for your. You want to drive the left nuts. Do you know how they they're still angry. They control everything. I'm watching msnbc and they're still screaming and yelling. Y they're angry. We know why they're angry. We are the happy warriors everybody. We have joy. We know how this works and more the more good cheer. Cheer the more that kindness that we have the more and that's tolerate injustice never. Should you tolerate injustice. But you should be compassionate. Veba will not know how to deal with us. Still say they don't control any government. We control the companies. I'm so angry precisely. Maybe there's something we have that you don't and precisely she's and so be of good. Cheer everybody. I know that feels like the walls are closing in. But i'm telling you right now. This is going to be our finest thanks so much for listening everybody. If you wanna support us. Go to charlie kirk dot com slash support e. Mail us your questions as always freedom at charlie kirk dot com. Thank you guys so much for listening. God bless you and if you want to get involved turning-point usa please go to teepee usa dot com. Thanks so much talk to ship..

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