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I have favorites in the head wrestling loves there's different it's it's complicated and last but certainly not least is serial soup more know who thinks no not too but cereal cereal a rebuttal thing is nothing what are the residents the wrestling going to plan about the most for the next year roman reigns the sloughed it furman rains i feel like at some point if they do not take the title off a brock they're gonna start complaining about that because people are already starting to rumble about that oh my god why the young go to wwe i can't believe they sold out there they go to wwe kenny omega just ruin russell by going wwe wwf will know what to do with kenya meghan the young bucks all my god i don't like him i'm gonna return on my bullet club shares oh my god damn it really going into a are they who are you surprised less is long as they have in wwe you're welcome win they are seriously they aren't are they know oh thank god though the rumor is gonna make a big money offer to cody and the gang up to that's talk no don't do that please don't do that just just leave them where they are i think they're happy where they are you know i think has lasted the longest or longer than we thought launa honestly you wanna dana brook no muss apprise she's the muscle look like to rouse the really quick elias a point where we all thought this was like they were done tears of lasting as long as they have county man i'm surprised leash just fox's ciller there was a point where kofi was on the outs scissor they're all that rumors like you know he may just be done with them because he's not getting pushed sort of it's i mean there's a lot of people that have had like up and downs especially the longer that they've been there so you know i i don't think question at this point of you know how long they've lasted it's how many downs gone through in terms of the company 'cause it's like you look at some lake shameless who took him forever to get to the main roster and then when he author he kinda fell a little flat and they just could not find the right mojo with him and you know bless him for sticking out and trying and i think they finally found something that works for him with the bar but like that he had they there for a while they decided he was going to be the next roman reigns and the fans treated him really really similarly in his career sank like a rock after that for a hot minute until they started bring it back so i mean someone like shame is i mean pretty much anybody that's been there awhile that you're like oh wow they're they're still there they've been there you know like ten twelve years or something like that you know it's you see the ups and the down towns and especially when somebody's on i extended downward spiral it's always apprising helen they stay on that spiral 'cause you know that has to saw click everybody wants to be on the uptick but not everybody can be on the uptick so yeah it's like her through human that's archer one but that's thank you for all the people submitted questions will do it again probably in the year probably around the holidays when we do it do it about twice a year so then but anyway you have stuff plugs plug away for those line right now stay tuned if the program we'll be live about five minutes actually meant with some fortnight content before.

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