Golda Meir, Israel, Syria discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist - Tuesday 1 August


Machines and by the in a nationwide television address prime minister golda meir said the syrians had been driven back across the line at the golan heights was completely again in israeli in 1974 israel and syria signed an agreement on a new separation line on the golan patrolled to this study by the united nations disengagement observer force israel formally annexed the golden in 1991 no other country has ever recognized this acquisition during rare outburst of optimism in the region about a comprehensive peace settlement between israel and its arab neighbours the golden is one of the stickiest sticking points basically syria would like to heights returned israelis reluctant to return them regarding the golan as a natural fortress protecting against any future incursion from syria a useful artery from which to monitor hezbollah in adjoining lebanon and not insignificantly a source of water currently providing a third of what emerges from israel's tops nevertheless the conversation has intermittently bean had former israeli prime minister ehud barak during peace talks in two thousand was reportedly willing to countenance abandoning the golden more surprisingly the current unless compromising israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was willing to at least discuss an american proposal along such lines the golan in exchange for a complete normalization of relations with damascus as recently as two thousand ten before series attentions were overtaken by events the heights have occasionally been a front in syria civil war israeli jets have struck syrian army positions on the other side of the line several times in response to spillover accidental oil otherwise from the conflict next door.

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