Dinklage, Tyrion, Michael Sherman discussed on New Yorker Radio Hour


Yes you'll see gives you you want to hear you admit you poisoned the king of that I'm innocent I think you have a fall more monstrous crime I'm guilty of being a jewel of your note on trial for being a dual hi for that my entire life Dinklage who is four and a half feet tall gave Tyrion a towering presence and he won four Emmys for his performance the game of thrones ended this year and Dinklage has gone back to his roots on state I'm I'm I've done twelve shows in the past eight days and I'm fried okay gotcha no problem English is the lead in a new adaptation of Cyrano the classic play about a romantic who tries to win the woman he loves despite his extraordinarily large an unattractive knows Dinklage came in recently to talk with the staff writer Michael Sherman and they spoke about how he connects with the character of Syria I never felt a connection with the nose of it all as a person who looks like me whenever I would watch us version of Cyrano I would just think about that's an actor in a fake nose and we wanted to really strip it all down and get to the core of what it really is about which is people's everybody's capacity to not feel worthy of love whether you have a giant.

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