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They only shot four shows down that he had so many. He was married to Michelle Pfeiffer, somebody David. Yes, he had so many shows going on at the time. Yeah. Yeah. He just told ABC, I'm not leaving beach. Yeah. Though the studios never all four shoot shoot for his show is now. Wow. What's his last name, David Lee? Maybe. If something. Yeah. But you're right. He was he's right now mcbeal, right, right? Right. All right. Walk shows at one doggie was rocket and he shot his show. I'll and I'll never forget that that was the same week that I was going into the spine. I went all week. I would go down in the regard don't go. God book. Dammit. But they were looking for three different mobsters for different mobsters. So we all had a shot. Right. It will get that's called back Billy dome. What's good good? No. But it wasn't a competition. Fuck the kisses deputy abuse of the time Billy was to kiss a debt everything he fucking Zan. We'll get canceled or was always a bad role Billy shot before Billy got that show on CBS. Don't he was in Lockie Hughley. We're lucky show the other day, John Anthony Clark and the Anthony Clark show. We did like fucking probably like thirteen episodes of that show with Anthony Clark and Mike Mike, Mike, Michael Malley, Michael Molly, they on that show before king in queens on CBS. Yeah, he had Billy at those. Great fun. Correct. Molly is done. He was in. You know, he's the during the jersey, boys. I mean, he's you know, those work lot Billy gets it. You know? Great kit to happen to a benefactor guy. Yeah. Don't question about he was struggling for a long everybody as until you get those first couple breaks. Instead, dude, I was doing the Hoya. Listen this. I'm doing fucking lawyer. I get a call Saturday at five pm. Can you do to spec a movie from our boy wreck Bronson who runs the fucking gloves? You gotta I gotta go shoot me. I got this director. He needs somebody. He's an amazing fucking Idaho, Idaho fall 'cause you shoot that dude. Yes. You're supposed to get us. You couldn't do it do bomb beat day. They call you Friday how great this. So he calls me Saturday and says can you be on playing on fucking Sunday? I flew up Sunday fucking got got the hotel the plane ticket. Everything's right. I've talking all day shoot with hopper Penn. Sean pun son in this fuck and move it. It's already had five or six offers on it called puppy fucking love..

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