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Exciting. I'm going <Speech_Female> to have all your information <Speech_Female> on the show <Speech_Female> notes. <Speech_Female> Here on the podcast <Speech_Female> and also on <Speech_Female> my website, <Speech_Music_Female> so make <Speech_Music_Female> sure that you go <Speech_Music_Female> check out <Speech_Music_Female> that audio. <Speech_Female> That's going <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> to be a <Speech_Female> real gift. <Speech_Female> And again, it's not <Speech_Female> only about <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> being <Speech_Female> successful <Speech_Female> financially, <Speech_Female> but that's really important. <Speech_Female> It's about <Speech_Music_Female> being successful <Speech_Male> <Speech_Female> at what you do, loving <Speech_Female> what you do, <Speech_Female> living consciously, <Speech_Female> and as <Speech_Female> a result, you are <Speech_Female> naturally <Speech_Female> successful. <Silence> <SpeakerChange> So, <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> yeah. <Speech_Male> Absolutely, <Speech_Male> Mary. And one <Speech_Male> of the things I love, <Speech_Male> I mean, you're doing <Speech_Male> such a fantastic <Speech_Male> service with this <Speech_Male> podcast. I mean, <Speech_Male> people <Speech_Male> folks, I have a 6 <Speech_Male> day a week podcast. <Speech_Male> You're out <Speech_Male> there <Speech_Male> throughout the week as well. <Speech_Male> I don't <SpeakerChange> think if <Speech_Male> you're not doing that, you don't <Speech_Male> know how much work this is. <Speech_Male> Actually, that's a <Speech_Male> lot of work. <Speech_Male> To do <Speech_Male> 6 days a week. <Speech_Male> And I just <Speech_Male> applaud you and thank <Speech_Male> you for the <Speech_Male> for the uplifting <Speech_Male> that <Speech_Male> you're providing to <Speech_Male> humanity. Because <Speech_Male> that's what your podcast <Speech_Male> is really about. <Speech_Male> It's uplifting people <Speech_Male> and bringing them <Speech_Male> into a higher <Silence> state of <SpeakerChange> consciousness. <Speech_Female> Thank <Speech_Female> you. Well, be <Speech_Female> sure to listen also <Speech_Female> to JB's <Speech_Female> podcast and conscious <Speech_Music_Female> millionaire. <Speech_Female> And I'm going to have a <Speech_Female> couple of other podcasts, <Speech_Male> which I'll <SpeakerChange> list <Speech_Male> in the show and <Speech_Male> as well. <Speech_Male> Yeah, we just, <Speech_Male> we just <Speech_Male> launched what is our <Speech_Male> 9th podcast <Speech_Male> on our <Speech_Male> network, <Speech_Male> the conscious millionaire <Speech_Male> network. <Speech_Male> And it's limitless <Speech_Male> performer. <Speech_Male> So it's <Speech_Male> about how to <Silence> unlock human <Speech_Male> potential <Speech_Male> and evolve <Speech_Male> consciousness to <Speech_Male> become limitless <Speech_Male> tomorrow <Speech_Male> hail to our skin, <Speech_Male> who this is don't <Speech_Male> affect this <Speech_Male> recording for that again. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Doctor Dee martini, <Speech_Male> John gray, <Speech_Male> gay <Speech_Male> Hendricks. These are the people <Speech_Male> that I've been bringing <Speech_Male> on that show. <Speech_Male> So it's really the <Speech_Male> luminaries <Speech_Male> in this <Speech_Male> field, but it's all <Speech_Male> focused on human <Speech_Male> potential and evolving <Speech_Male> consciousness <Speech_Male> because that's a <Speech_Male> critical part. If <Speech_Male> you wanted to <Speech_Male> really perform <Speech_Male> at the limitless <Speech_Male> level, not just <Speech_Male> the high, but the <Speech_Male> limitless level, <Speech_Male> it's about evolving <Speech_Male> your <Silence> potential Yes, <Speech_Female> exactly. And <Speech_Female> for the listeners, you <Speech_Female> are in the <Speech_Female> right place because <Speech_Female> you are doing that <Speech_Female> right now <Speech_Female> as you listen <Speech_Male> to J through <Speech_Female> chrome. <Speech_Female> And I <Speech_Female> want to thank you <SpeakerChange> so much <Speech_Male> for being here. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Well, thank you. <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> thank you <Speech_Male> to everyone <Speech_Male> if you're listening <Speech_Male> today, <Speech_Male> there are no accidents. <Speech_Male> You're here because <Speech_Male> this is meant for <Speech_Male> you. And I want <Speech_Male> you to know that I <Speech_Male> along with Mary, <Speech_Male> you know, truly <Speech_Male> believe in you <Speech_Male> and want to <Speech_Male> thank you for the <Speech_Male> service that you're providing <Speech_Male> the world <SpeakerChange> by <Silence> making

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