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Across the U. S and Europe. I think when I was first, starting with opera, I was so focused on figuring my voice out and figuring out what this whole thing was. I wasn't so focused on the inequities. Johnny Bridges is an American mezzo soprano held is one of the brightest talents of her generation. In between her many vocal engagement, she often talks about the industry's in that cluster racial diversity. Merely operatic her to give a virtual recital during the pandemic. She had another idea in mind. But then the murder of George Floyd In Minnesota happened. And I was just completely shut down. I was, I think many people just felt numb. So I said to them, you know. We have to postpone this recital because I'm just not in a place to sing and perform and emote and then I proposed. But how about I moderate a conversation about What has just happened. What has occurred in America and Diversity, racism and inequity and equity in the opera world, not only on stage but we need to diversify. The diversity needs to happen all around on boards. Conductors pits General management. Artistic management in his little is Listen a year. I mean, I really have seen Changes. Of course, it's going to be a continuous effort. But I see changing it doesn't come without push back for sure from from audience members. I mean, I've seen comments that are just like Wow. Okay. But change doesn't come in. General change doesn't come without that. So do you have to be courageous? My name is American Megatron, and I'm a composer and an educator. I was born and raised in someone. Puerto Rico and I'm currently in Brooklyn, New York, and.

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