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Traffic Center. Get all the details from detoured and beach. Thank you, sir. We do have some brake lights. They're fairly light. But the I 10 and the I 17 get the majority of them right now. Eastbound. I can slow and go approaching 59th Avenue into the deck Park tunnel. It's adding up to four extra minutes one on one to the 51. That's a 17 minute ride. Shop out. I 17 16 minutes. It's been holding steady from Peoria, down to the 10th split all of your brake lights. You're in the Durango curved to Central Avenue for the construction area there. Then we go to the crash list. Direct did come in on a freeway. I 10 westbound west of Elliot. It's off right? And a couple of service Street crashes here at 16th Street and Baseline 27th Avenue in Camelback Watching Road in Broadway and Warner west of Rural Road, This traffic report brought to you by QuikTrip. It's a summer snack tacular right now a quick trip where any reason is a good reason to stop by like Craven Save snack ALS that will send your taste buds soaring Q T more than a gas station. The train and Katie are news mostly sunny today with a 20% chance of rain. A high of 19 partly clear tonight 20% Chance of rain The low 86 right now in Phoenix Sunny skies 94 degrees weather is brought to you by Howard Air. I'm Jeff Money on Arizona's news station K T a R news. Strong values and strong opinions. The mic room head to our news, 92 3 of them and the K T R news app. Hey, thanks again for being here. Appreciate you spending part of your Monday with us, Another reminder at some point this morning between now and noon. You will hear Al McCoy and the.

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