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Better on the infield defensively ostensibly and they're talented starting to come you know joe casey made his major league debut last night and he's you know he's kind of like a nice appetizer for what's coming but fernando lewis careers i would guess will be there middle infield by the end of the year i would not be surprised if you see adrian moral home late in the season and another year or so i think we're tennessee gore's gonna move really fast based on scott's that i've talked to those guys intentionally impact on the rotation i think if they go seventy one in ninety one again this year they're gonna look at that and go man we're incision to be able to take a huge leap forward in twenty nineteen and they have the impact talent in their system to be able to do it the other preteens are in earlier stages of rebuild the the royals of the tigers the marlins were still finished last night for me but you know i think it's gonna be a long year for for detroit and kansas city as well mike obviously the astros won it last year we've been talking about a repeat winner since the yankees did it in two thousand will the astros do it again or do you have somebody else winning it all it's really easy to pick the fields yeah i mean it's just really tough with added layers the playoffs repeat but they're very good they're very deep they have a great lineup they have a very good starting rotation i have a solid bullpen there are few if any holes on that major league roster i you know i think they're in a really good position to be able to repeat they certainly feel like the best team we've seen coming off a world series championship since those those late nineties there early two thousand yankees finally if you jim do can't jim bowdoin cj hausky had a wrestling match battle royale who would win champ well tells she's the only one who is actually an athlete and i use the term very loosely because he was a pitcher so we're giving them the victory would be setting wind into that so that would be rough in that matchup man that's better shape.

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