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I don't know but it seems very weird and it feels i. I wrote about this a little. Bit actually with With regard to trevor story and the rockies who the team And i don't know if it was an organizational wide decision or whether it was just the the guys in the clubhouse but they had him take the field by himself to to be applauded in the last game of the season the last home game of the season the nationals in colorado. And i think that's such a great gesture but it's also weird to me only in that they don't have to move on from him and actually seems very much like he'd like to be in colorado with with that team that clubhouse not with that front office to be great there. He's made statements that he's he's shocked he still there. There's i think both wanna move on to some degree but the reason that it seems like story wants to move on is it's very clear that he's not wanted by by the front office and some of these things. Are you know. There's just an odd just juxtaposition in that like we're making the choice to move on but also here you are beloved and look. I know that happens in life that happens in relationships. It's still sometimes odd to see it. Play out in front of you. Yeah i think that. I think that that is true. I guess like you. You don't want you don't want to rob fans of their opportunity to sort of say goodbye to a guy. But you're right that it is. It's particularly stringent moments. Where there is the opportunity to at least endeavour to bring that person back to the org So i see happens but it's also just you do feel like it doesn't have to play out quite this way right. It could be a little bit different if they wanted it to be so. I have sympathy for trying how hard it must be a thread that needle right absolutely and and look scott. Service is not jerry dipoto. This was his decision to give him that moment. It was very much Reminded me of in college basketball. They'll take a senior. You know their last game they'll take them out of the game to give to stop the game to give them the opportunity to to take in the fans and it's it's such a nice moment to like i think it's so great that that scott service did that and that kyle seager got that moment. Yeah that is often reserved for pitchers right. We saw very much the same thing with felix. But there's a kind of a different pace into having guys come out. Come out of the game in that sense. So yeah i. I don't mean it as a critic criticism in any way shape or form. It's just such an odd kind of like. I said juxtaposition to have with the way the front office acting. And obviously you know people say that service and dipoto are hand in glove kind of thing but but these are these are is a very tangible example. That in ways that they're not right right. And i think that the the sense i have gotten from mariners fans in the last years that they've really. They've really kind of turned around on service. Yeah i think that. And it's it's in large part due to moments like this where it seems like. He is really trying his best to not only smooth the way in the clubhouse of clubhouses functional but also really genuinely try to bolster these guys and difficult moments often not in direct opposition to the way that the front office is behaving but conscious of sort of where the front office's decision making and depots in particular might diverge from what's gonna play well among the players so i think that he has endeared himself in a way that i've been kind of surprised by because they do think given the relationship. Those two guys had how they came in together that that was the perception that it was sort of a hand and gloser thing. But it's it's a little bit reads a little different now. So well marriage did not make the playoffs. Maybe talking about the very interesting. They are interesting. I think that you know them along with toronto in a category of teams that we all watched really closely over the off season. Once the stuff gets squared away because there is obvious need on both of those clubs and some of it is going to potentially be managed internally a more so i think seattle's case than toronto's but some of it might require them actually reaching outside the organization to to address stuff so it'll be interesting to see how they kind of navigate that as we get closer to twenty twenty two but now we should talk about the teams. That can't yet think about that though. I did end up having to post dodgers job posting this morning. So the planning for the future yard thinking about your planning for the atm's so there can spend time on it. I don't know just as quick aside. I don't know if this is Bencher of your experience. But i believe that you you perform a similar role to me at at bp where you're the one who sort of manages team job postings as they come in you help get those up on the site yeah. I'm not always the one who publishes them from the cms. But yeah i. I direct traffic so to speak. So isn't it nice to have a lot more of those this year they can. You know it's like a thing you have to do in your day and so it can be. It can be irksome at times. But last year i felt like i did like five. Postings the entire says it's it's nice was bleak in so many ways also bleak but there are some bright spots it's bleak in different ways than the bright spots. Are i think more numerous so. Let's talk now about the wild card games because these are in some ways the most Sort of well trodden boring possible set of outcomes that we could have had but they're they're dynamic in their own ways even if you're out on a red sox yankees but let's start start with your dodgers cry schorr sir with your dodgers who are going to have to take on the cardinals in their purported devil magic and i guess before before we we address that particular match up..

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