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The kind of receiver he is. And a couple of other guys at wide receiver taken right in that area of the trap, because not only did taekwon Thornton go 18th in the second round of the Patriots, two picks later, George pickens just talked about him with the Steelers, but a couple of receivers right after that that are very different players from one another. Yes. But could become very valuable weapons to their two respective teams. I know you loved Alec pierce. I do. From Cincinnati and the colts got him with the 21st pick to the second round and then sky more. From western Michigan to the chiefs, I don't know if he could be the tyreek hill heir apparent, but I mean, obviously they think that put him on a team with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid and that group scheming up for him that he could be a really good NFL player. Well, I think with Skye Moore, look, Tyree kill was a little bit of a freak. So we don't want to say anybody is tyreek hill. But I think the chiefs are looking at sky more in terms of deployment. It's not the exact same player, but the deployment can be the same. And by that, I mean, line up slot outside. Jet sweeps, orbit reverses, those kinds of dimensions in your offense, sky more can give you that. He certainly not quite as explosive as tyreek hill, because no one is, but it's the deployment. And then you hit on Alec pierce. A player I was not the least bit surprised when in the second round. I watched his tape and I thought to myself, I don't see a big difference between Alec pierce and Drake London. So I thought Alec pierce was a really, really good pick by Indianapolis with the 53rd selection and a player in my view based on tape study worthy of that spot in the draft. What about the running backs? The jets getting breeze hall. We talked about this a little bit with Charles Davis, who was awesome yesterday, by the way, in our second to last episode. But the fact that in this day and age, you can have a brief hall, a Kenneth walker. Guys that are that talented and a running back not going until the early parts of the second round. And obviously you breeze hall showed an ability to catch the ball a lot at Iowa state, Kenneth walker, not as much. At Michigan state, but I have to think this is part of that projection. Could you take a running back in today's day and age in the NFL without a belief that he can be a pass catcher? I think that's team and scheme specific bob because I think Brie saw, by the way, I think there is receiving trades to be unleashed and unlocked. We saw enough of it at Iowa state to know that he can be a factor as a receiver, but ultimately I think you're drafting Bruce hall to be a volume runner. I don't think you're drafting Greece hall to carry at 9 times a game and spread them out wide. I think you're drafting him to be a volume runner and as you know with the jets, I think they now see Michael Carter, which is probably what he is as more of that complementary back because you can split him out and he's got those explosive traits as a receiver. I think when you talk about team and scheme specific, you look at Seattle, drafting Kenneth walker at 41. We know what Pete Carroll wants to do. Now they have Rashad penny and Kenneth walker. They want to run the ball. That's what they want their offense to be. So they are looking for a back that can give them volume and carries. I think a really fascinating pick to me again, going back to team, is James cook going in, I think, late in the second round. If I'm not mistaken or was that very early in the third. He was the 31st pick of the second round of the bills. And I know you loved him. There you go. James cook is not a volume back. Now he's a terrific runner. He looks very much like his older brother, Dalvin in his running style. But James cook may be the best receiving back in this draft. And you can split him out wide, detach him from the formation. He can run all the conventional routes when he's offset in the backfield, but he can run vertical routes when he split. And we know, as you well know, same division, we know what buffalo does. It's a Josh Allen based offense. They're not looking for a back to get 22 carries a week. But they do know they need a run game and he can certainly give you that to some degree. Obviously they still have Devin Singletary, but James cook is a back that fits exactly what the bills offensive approach is. And I thought that was an outstanding pick. That's Greg cosell on bob with shoes and loves scrolling through the draft, looking for these guys that we spend so much time over the last couple of months talking about, especially the diamonds in the rough. And then seeing where they went and seeing which teams maybe got those diamonds in the rough, we're going to come back in a moment and not only talk about more of those players, but also spin it forward and talk about next year and talk about the guys that, you know, we think also might have gone undrafted that Gregg still has on his radar where teams went out and after the draft was over grabbed some players that could be big contributors on their roster. It's amazing how often an undrafted free agent turns out to not only be a contributor, but sometimes even a star in the NFL. So all of that still to come on this final episode of tape head strap season. With our newest unlimited plan, everyone's welcome. Introducing welcome unlimited from Verizon for just $30 a line per month for four lines. With auto pay plus taxes and fees. Our best priced unlimited plan ever. Did he say $30? Yep, $30 a line for the whole family. The network you want. The price you love. Switch to Verizon today. 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On this final episode of tape heads draft season, Babu shoes and Greg cosell back looking back now at the 2022 NFL Draft and some of those diamonds in the rough players that in the, you know, after all, the headline makers come off the board in the first round. If you're a real football junkie and you watched the draft all the way through the weekend, it certainly on day two, some players that Greg cosell, I know had circled as he thinks having a very high ceiling went to some very interesting spots. So Greg, we've been running through a few of those players. James cook was a player. We just talked about who went with pick number 31 right at the end of the second round running back to the Buffalo Bills. The last pick of the second round. Pick number 32 was Nick bonito. Edge rusher from Oklahoma, Denver got their hands on him. Of course, you know, them moving on from their legendary pass rusher. They're looking for an heir apparent. Could he be that guy? And it's funny, bob, because I thought Nick Benito. And again, you know, I don't get into where guys get drafted and necessarily because I know teams place different values on different players and reasonable people can disagree. But I thought Nick Benito, when you talk about edge rushers, I thought he was the loosest, liveliest, maybe the bende edge rusher in this draft class. Now he came in at two 48 at the combine. He looked thinner to me when I watched Oklahoma's tape and maybe he just has that kind of body type. They used him in multiple ways at Oklahoma. I think he's best served as an edge player and maybe he's just a situational edge player, but we know that teams play in their sub package defenses more than they play in their base and I really like Nick bonito's tape and I think his game fits the NFL. He is so fluid he can bend, he's flexible, just his transitions is change of direction.

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