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This week two so the last two weeks Bill Browder is doing multiple television. Interviews every day he's all over TV all. Over the media he's going everywhere telling everyone how bad Trump and Putin is why Bill Browder was unheard. Of until recently and? Then what happens, Putin mentioned routers name, at the summit and then all Clicks so Bill Browder is feeling the heat he's already. Wanted in Russia why? Is Bill Browder, a name that Americans, need to know Well Bill Browder is guy behind what I would call the Russia phobia the anti Russian. Sentiment and it's ironic because I off. Bill brothers Bill Browder grandfather. Was Earl Browder the communist who was a spy for Stalin And The. Communist I, mean literally the leader of the communist party in the United. States he ran for president a couple of times as a communist and Lived in, Russia's I say not only spy per Stalin but recruited spies. For Stalinist came out in books after letters came out from inside In Russia and that, was confirmed show Bill Browder. That's his grandfather role Browder is bothers, Felix Browder famous genius mathematician who was at Princeton for a long time got hired Roosevelt interestingly Bill. Browder became the biggest. Venture capitalist vulture capitalists in, Russia in, the nineteen nineties after the fall Soviet Union communist Russia falls And, they have, all. These assets Coil company in, the gas company and everything else Those held by the state Bill Browder, is the guy you know most of us other fall communism As an opportunity for freedom right But Make money, routers a guy who made millions and billions of dollars over four billion dollars for his clients by going in and what they would do is they wouldn't buy up these pictures that Russian citizens were. Given And the Russian citizens didn't go with the value of the vouchers were So they would buy over pennies on the dollar secret auctions Companies were being bought up literally you know company valued at ten million. Dollars could be, bought for like six thousand dollars or something in some cases this is literally happening The guy. Who made a, ton of money and He's just in just real quick in layman's terms Bill Browder going around screwing. The Russian people making hundreds of millions of dollars then he ended up screwing. The Russian government because he doesn't pay his taxes Citizen pays taxes schemed to avoid taxes I. He's not born in born in the United States he renounced us citizenship now You. Know And I don't, like taxes Your thoughts about renouncing your. Citizenship to avoid paying taxes Courtesy and this is a, guy who literally renounced he's no longer a US citizen but, he actually has been in the media for some time but. He flies under the radar because he just goes up. You have never seen him ask difficult question once ever he testified in front of we're going on one year ago almost to the day justified in front. Of congress in front, of the Senate every single Senator and I mean people Dianne Feinstein to people like Chuck Grassley Every one of them just deferred to. This guy one brought, up the fact that he renounced citizenship Is his grandfather's for Stalin no-one anything negative at all but. The most important thing isn't even that the most. Important thing is is entire story is a lie About This is a law passed in two thousand twelve I don't understand how somebody who's renounced us citizenship Has so much political clout await I do four hundred thousand dollars. In illegal campaign contributions to Putin accused him of Putin misspoken said four hundred million four hundred thousand corrected, that since then But, four hundred thousand in. Campaign contributions this guy was, a big democrat governor but he's smart Media works and he. Knows if he goes. After Donald Trump directly and personally he's going to get hammered by Trump let's let's go, back let's come back on the other side of this break and get in that because again. I monitor news media all day long, Bill? Browder is.

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