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A quincy episode quincy quincy episode quincy now too stupid you know where these think that the kid drowned did and yet he was strangled and then they put in the water so you thought he dreaded but then the murderer or we stays around and then talks to quincy interest album of figured out alex we should have a show of else was a cough somebody like with eighteen gunshot wounds to the chest and the head and just be like it could have been a brain annually i think this was natural causes this wasn't mode murder that was natural causes less sampha former new hampshire deputy sheriff accused of assaulting his links assaulting six him him that's how i wanna hear this a former new hampshire shares that the deputy was indicted thursday on charges of if you just say six of ten charges one of them twice involving six inmates sowell okay earnest's justin swart sheet is accused of has the youknowwhat with two team are inmates over whom he had a thirty and letting others in his custody have you know what are in a problem here with dr which referred to as a of of course seizure four intimidation all right so i dunno where i want to start with this course seesions that could be another contest anybody knows what toward core sesion is supposed to be the nets lorry six one seven hold on altruism number of six one seven two three seven one two three four six one seven two three seven one 234 what is course sesion mean in this story that would be grand you could win a prize here from fifteen san extra cleaning out the hall closet we certainly are all we had said that if we did this every day we'd have nothing by the end of the one shift and that we get the new prizes that's true or if you want to text us your answer tech's in the body or the message wsb x your message or your answer so wsb x in the body of the message with your answer or comments two six seven zero seven six six seven zero seven six or just give us.

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