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Set the goal of the front office academy is to significantly increase the knowledge and performance of your existing team and make it possible to practice owners to take a brand new team member with zero dental background and train them to become a highly skilled dental administrator or assistant. Your front office academy membership will get you up to twenty five loggins and complete access to dentistry one. Oh one four hour course including a sixty five page workbook tests and quizzes that will teach a complete novice about the profession of dentistry also included as rookie to rockstar a collection of videos. Homework assignments documents and quizzes. That can train anyone. How to be a proficient. Biller treatment coordinator front office assistant and even office manager looked. There are a lot of great people out there that have recently been displaced from their hospitality or retail jobs. Were hungry for a chance to start a new career. Now you can finally higher for personality and culture fit instead of settling for less than ideal team members front office academy is perfect. For leveling up your existing team and for training hardworking ambitious newbies into a new career within your organization at the cost of only one hundred seventy nine dollars per month for noneya said members or forty nine dollars per month for. Dsm matters it's brand. Isn't it time you took your training and on boarding to a new level. Are you tired of being held hostage by average applicants because there's no other options out there the front office academy you can say goodbye to average forever visit front office academy dot com to register today. That's front office academy dot com and that wraps it up for another episode of the dental poor. Podcast look forward to reconnecting on the next episode. Thank you so much for joining us today. On the dental preneurs. Podcast out true. Dental success dot com for full recaps of every show a schedule of our live events free video tutorials and a whole host of practice building resources..

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