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A suspect this is npr brexit negotiators are preparing for a second round of talks monday in brussels the issue of how much britain we'll have to pay to leave the european union as part of its divorce is expected to be a major hurdle but as larry miller reports from london there are new signs that there could be room to maneuver for britain's rigs it's secretary david davis says the government will work with the eu to determine a fair settlement the uk's rights and obligations in accordance with the law and in the spirit of continuing partnership davis's parliamentary statement is in contrast to foreign secretary boris johnson's remark that the eu can go oh whistle for it but davis says britain and the eu have obligations to each other that will continue after brexit this won't please those who voted to leave the eu after being promised payments would end since last month's election in which the conservative government failed to give the mandated sore for a tough negotiating line there's been a softening of roach this has angered those seeking a hard break for npr news i'm larry miller in london spain's gharbia mugo russa has won the women's championship at wimbledon the 23yearold beat world champion venus williams in two sets today seven five six nothing after some type an early exchanges the thirty seven year old williams was going for her eighth grand slam singles title she was also hoping to become the oldest winner of the women's final at wimbledon i'm barbara klein npr news in washington support for npr comes from npr stations other contributors include ally lilian company striving to unite carrying with discovery to make life better stories on what inspires lilley sciences and bear pursuit of life changing medicines to treat breast cancer is available at lilley for better dot com from npr news.

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