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Up to the hill, the list, I would start with our Komi Clapper Brennan and other people in the FBI who perpetuated this absurd lie, and this absurd idea that the president of the United States was somehow a foreign agent and colluding with another government. What is your reaction to what standard said? Well, I I wonder if she was conflicting or confusing collusion, whatever that is with the Russian interference. And certainly those of us achie- named John Brennan and Jim Coleman. And I are part of the group that. Were tasked by President Obama to put together all the reporting we had on the Russian interference. And which we did President Obama directly and personally confronted Putin about the Russian interference timber and did not accept at face value. Putin's protestations John Brennan directly did the same thing with his counterpart on October seventh of sixteen. We put out a statement. Let's say we. He goes on to say, I was given the order, but from Obama. Now, remember they were setting up their fake story in the middle of two thousand sixteen up to the election and up to election day. They had the headline wiretaps show Trump met with the Russians. During election, just you'll the election, and then I'd go. Hey, they're denying after Trump got elected an office that they ever did this. But here it is. And I remember the New York Times with Shay Jones's crazy CNN would say is crazy. But then I would show the articles in other new clips and answer was just get Jones off air just get him off air. We'll guess what you've failed again, you anti-american scumbag. Call me Brennan and Clapper Komi Clapper and Brennan, the UC onscreen Brennan was an admitted communist admits he still is and wrote light papers in college. How much he hates America. The other two ropes similar crap. Why do you think they got put in power because these are shacks of un-american garbage? And they've been caught line to congress. They open criminal investigations and espionage investigations in to Trump when he was president elect then opened a new one up after coming got fired..

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