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Joanie attack on Bears Radio one last miss from Nick Foles, whose offense produced just three points. Fulls picked off twice sacked four times for the fourth game in a row. Chicago held 2 65 rush yards or less. They don't know who they are yet, says Fools. I think the big thing is just finding a rhythm of who we wanted to be. And you know, in this situation we receive got a continue to work. We really got assess. We want to be and find that identity. Meanwhile, the Rams with an impressive 20 for 10 victory on Monday night Football. In addition to all that D the Rams got two touchdown passes from Jared Goff, both teams. Are now five and two. We have spent plenty of time guys complaining about the crappy NFC East. The West now has three teams with five wins, with the Rams joining the Seahawks Incredible Cardinals. A lot of running back injury news yesterday. The Niners placing Jeff Wilson Jr on I. R with a high ankle sprain. He suffered, scoring his third touchdown Sunday in New England. Cardinal Kenyon Drake expected to miss multiple weeks. The high ankle sprain. Seattle's Chris Carson is week to week with a midfoot sprain and Christian McCaffrey was that Panther practice yesterday for the first time since suffering his high ankle sprain in week two. Caffrey didn't actually do anything when media could watch. It's unlikely he plays through his denied against Atlanta. It is do or die time for Shawn and his Rays facing elimination in Game six for the Dodgers tonight. Tampa Bay Manager Kevin Cash thankful the game six wasn't last night. Our bullpen is going to be that much fresher. You know if you wanna talk about momentum. Maybe you stop the Dodgers moment. Um, a little bit caches starting Blake Snell. Tonight, Tony Gonsouland goes for the Dodgers. He may have a longer least in Game two when he got just four outs. First pitch in Arlington is shortly after seven Central tonight on Alabama head coach next, Eben said yesterday. Jalen Waddles ankle surgery was a success. He broke that ankle on the first play of Saturday's win at Tennessee and is obviously done for the season back to you. Thank you, Boake Tze. When we return, we've got this date in Mother ship history, and we go down Memory lane with one of our favorites. Jim Tomsula, D, a CBS Sports radio. Ah, I'm so fit, honey..

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