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What he thought was a spider monkey he hoped to shoot it and bring back a meal to the men rundowns dog ran ahead disappeared from view and began howling in pain. He returned to his master fatally injured by two EROs. As the natives moved closer to Rondo he fired his gun in the air and ran away. So they knew that they were surrounded by native people who did not want explorers coming to their neighborhood. Do you think the natives did not attack them? Well, they tears party had guns. So that's very important. They had guns. And I think they would have been able to defend themselves at least for a while. And they stayed together. I mean, that's the other things being a party with with guns made them more formidable. Teddy Roosevelt had long been admired for his toughness, which he took to the extreme in one thousand nine twelve. A would be assassin shot him on the campaign trail bleeding from a chest wound TR delivered a ninety minute speech before going to a hospital a year and a half later. He would come even closer to death on the river of doubt on March twenty seventh canoes overturned and TR steps into the water and helps pull the canoes out. But he damages his leg just where his old leg injury that never healed from his carriage accident when he was president. So he's got a leg infection and injury. And then his malaria gets back, and he's feverish and delirious, he's got palpitation. Nations shortness of breath. He's always had a heart condition within a day. Roosevelt could barely get off his cot at the same time. The men's spirits were crushed by what they discovered ahead. The most punishing set of Rapids yet, including a thirty foot waterfall the slippery rock face on either side was nearly vertical. The river was now more obstacle than escape route. They seem stranded in this vertical mountain area of miles of Rapids. And steep hills run dawn panics and says we're all going to have to fight ourselves. One by one out of the jungle. Let's all just every man for himself cutting their way through the jungle would have been a death sentence for teddy Roosevelt and probably for all of them. They would easily have become lost. They would have been vulnerable to native people and to animals and Kermit steps up and says, no will only survive if we keep together. Back home in New York. Edith Roosevelt had no clue that her insurance policy was paying off. She had coaxed her son into joining the expedition now Kerma did everything to save his father. But could he saved TR from himself? No man has any business to go on such a trip as ours unless he will refuse to jeopardize the welfare of his associates by any delay caused by a weakness or ailments of his it is his duty to go forward. If necessary on all fours until he drops. TR bigs Kermit just leave me I'm a burden. Go ahead and people who are afraid that he'll take the company's morphine supply and kill himself. And so he has to tear has to be watched around the clock..

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