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The GIO were in London to promote the film this week and rub went to meet them. Yes, yeah. Yeah. So I took Kenya's last night too. Nice, and because he's a different open, a restaurant with him in Paris. Hate any kind of fancy food. So yeah, I'm not that happy about it. So let's you know, really like man. And then he bring the first call, explain it to her, and you know, I have it in video is started going, and then she takes. Good. Did you do that? That's what I do. And then he brought the next one and then she wouldn't convert this happened. I mean it it's not fancy with him. It's more stories. Very pieces so we could do many, you know what? I love what he said at. It doesn't use grease. It's. A little olive oil, but it doesn't put Greece and butter that makes the food be very light. I found it incredibly daring. When there is less Ohs makes it with fruits and vegetable. It's not greedy souls that we see in so many places. Yeah, it's very. You're in very original, very original, and he loves what he does. He loves the piddle. That's good enough for me getting a sense immediately from your lovely relationship from plus village, such wonderful film. Congratulations on it again. I know you've heard this billion times, but I really do tonight how you meet. You mentioned there's a date meteoric. In the film, how did you to meet up because it seems that you've each other forever, but it's very true what we show in the film. My daughters said to Jay hawk. Univer medicine ho come because I knew is work. I knew books had done any new. My yeah, many people never met. So Holly said, you should be. So tracking me came to my house. It took pictures, and then I said the day after have give him a visit back. I went to Sergio and could picture like this for you. And then the day you came to the cloud. Shukla came with food. We said. Then I want her heart classical with my scale. Then we say, why don't we work together? And we say, may be do show it start like this together, and it's true in the film. It was friendship side. Looks like something. You can't fake that right from both of your points of view. And that seems to be something in the film about it's about reality and it's about celebrating reality, finding, maybe celebrating the corners of the world and the corners of your country on celebrated in film, allowed the time with that always going to be the intention of the phone that it was going to be doing that. You just and you pieces are all over in big cities. I say he doesn't know the country. Chooses magical truck. That's good. I was so happy to travel in a magical truck is pretty good. That was the word I was looking for truck, and then we saw that we could do something which is continuation of big work you do inside out for years. So you know how to get the people that truck looks like we'll have a little photo in come out with a poster that you invented, but we use it together to get the people to deal with their own image and deal with if images can be put together, it brings people together. Also people find that very moving than I found it very moving, what the phone you're used to seeing people. The image comes out and as a moment of reckoning. Yeah. I mean, it's interesting. 'cause it's almost like you know, magic operating because the truck, you know, Celtic the photo so it set up the truck, does it and then it printed giants on the side, like the size of your window. Done in Japan in Middle East in Brazil. Anywhere, you know, had the truck all over the world and it's always the same..

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