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It lenin i90 and because he i think you have to think a little bit too you can slur the counting upwards but counting backwards as little more difficult than i even make it a little bit more problematic and difficult for the patient because i say okay compaq was from a hundred by sevens they might make it to 93 they never make its '86 wow okay they have children working lay the children go to sleep by mask so they're breathing in uh and i talk to them about the my picky gift story in you know when were slowly gone to sleep and in the masked usually there's some older some bubble gummer cherry to start with and a little bit of laughing guess to try and take the edge off and then we introduce the civil floring the uh the anaesthetic gas and i tell them smells changing and were taken imaginary trip to the zoo and my favorite animal of all time as the piggy but piggies are a little bit stinky in an ask him how many they count and are they bigger little until they have stray tales are curley tales by the time we get to curley tales they're fast asleep so you right in your book i put people into a coma and the medications i administer cars paralysis i read that nourish thinking please don't tell me that right before you put me on there i i don't who i never tell him that to argue you're putting patients in a coma what's the difference routine the anesthesia induced coma and sleep we go right through the sleep patterns net if you were to to check the electrical activity in my annastasia there's very very little electrical activity weren't sleep sleepy have different phases of which includes streaming so so while you're asleep your brain is still functioning and you're still having dreams in anesthesia at doesn't happen so you're not having dreams did you say your brain isn't functioning well he it's doing the basic functions from the lower parts of the brain that are giving you heart rate and blood pressure and breathing and less i have given the paralysis uh but in terms of the upper brain functions no he has no sense ability for what anything that's going on so what is it that causes the process and.

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