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I of just thinking maybe this point of view doesn't automatically make you an evil bad person before you even think about it. In now -solutely grades. There are some people that do respond better to that more aggressive sort of style in in in conversation but i feel like just being continuing to be a good person letting people like that. See you know that you're making all sorts of sense because a lot of times they'll put up a straw man of and you hear this in sermons all the time where they'll say. Well this is what your atheist is like and the first time you actually get to sit down and meet someone or better yet you get to know them you get to like them and respect them and then find out. Oh yeah. I am liberal at or anytime atheist suddenly you take all those conceptions are gone. Because you've gone to realize respect this person as a person and now they don't fit in that box anymore and it makes you either reevaluate the person or reevaluate your box. And if you have a strong enough report with someone. I think that's when we start taking down boxes absolutely not more with what you're saying. I kind of liked to do with the guys martin i. I'm sorry. I didn't realize i was talking time. Somebody go ahead. Martin golden gopher i'll q. Ethan in the second. I can't hear him. Eaton's mike is not working for us. We'll keep it will move on from there our okay so What was that..

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