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Right. Listen up once. We'll when house shows are thing again. If a title change happens here in Huntsville, it's just because I challenged. Brousseau Hashtag. You're welcome. At Summer Slam but they. Were GonNa do it. Say Kansas City. Well. You said it wouldn't happen. Huntsville new got pissed and said you way like I despite. The title they're sticking up Conrad's ask about now, motherfucker. We'll switch dame. University Championship there of. Okay well, see you're welcome Huntsville. That's never happened before here. At Summer Slam the natural disaster successfully defended the titles against the Beverly Brothers. of course, the beverly brothers are the former destruction Q. Destruction crew easy for me to say in the AWA. I was never a beverly brothers. Guy I couldn't get into it. You know I can appreciate the head of cool look and Bob, but it was just a mess for me. what can you tell us about their mash at summer, slam or anything at all about the beverly brothers? You'd like to share my God great guys. Really great guys. For Minnesota. and Wayne Bloom was just was one of the strongest. Humans on the face of the earth doesn't look like it looks like tall skinny guy. But incredible strength. But both of those guys were just so easy to get along with both tremendous workers in their own right, but it just kind of. You know They clicked as a team. They good just the obvious, never really cared for whatever reason. If you were to get. This is another example of. To be able to get. Blown Nina's. The, real human being. They were funny. They ran or -taining and legit athletes. Don't know it just you couldn't get them on camera. In the audience didn't care. Well. The national disasters hold the titles until October thirteenth then they lose them back to money in Regina. Are Sorry Regina. That takes us to the ninety-two survivor series. Natural disasters and the nasty boys are going to beat Money Inc, the beverly brothers and Elimination tag match melts would say the work itself will solid from start to finish acceptance spots with the nasty boys didn't seem to be using face moves and money. INC had to walk themselves through the move. Earthquake pinned bow beverly with the splash nine minutes twenty five seconds. which gave the faces a four two advantage psychologically pretty hard to get a lot of the crowd reaction when the heels are getting pounded while being outmanned. s will pin typhoon for a second fall. When after ABC trips in the third fall lasted five seconds. The painting irs with a schoolboy. He, gives it a star and a quarter. and. Then you know I can't believe this happened this way. But the night after the Royal Rumble Nineteen ninety-three show. Earthquake loses to the Bam Bam bigelow character here by count out, and he leaves the company. And this just seems like I. Don't know that he was with. You guys a lot longer. debuted on TV, and lay eighty nine think November eighty nine, the first time I saw him. And now here in January of ninety three. He's out of here. I mean he's not here very long, but he made the most of it, did he not? Yes he did, and at this point, his career think tend to was looking for something else. He wanted to go back to Japan. And was. Kinda tired of being on the road. I think he was living at the time. I think it was living in Seattle. Or something like that, so the trips were hard. My God if you're GonNa. If. You're gonNA live somewhere and you travel country the way that we do. I wouldn't pick Seattle is placed live or any place on the West Coast but teaches on. and. The travel was tough. For jobs done so well. Yeah, and he's a big boy. You know so if you're making cross country trips. Twice a week like that with lots of. And you're a big boy is probably a challenge. not not exactly comfortable. He does go back to Japan for the war. Promotion is a brief stint in Mexico. See L L. and late ninety three. At the Monday night raw taping on January, thirty, first and Boesky. OPA earthquake shows up as a face making the safe for Bret Hart. He's wrestling. Shawn Michaels and diesel keeps interfering. What leads to Earthquake coming back here in early ninety four, he just needed some time off the road, and now he's had like a year hiatus. He's ready to back in the swing of things yes. He wanted you know again. Be careful what you wish for some times 'cause you may get it. So. John had done that gig man. He had been out on the road. The Pan stuff and I think that he. Realized wait a minute. I'm missing the money missing. The. Guys that I've been traveling up down the road with for a while. And decided he wanted to come back. If. There's an expert about. Be careful what you wish for as probably Bruce Richard Right. You don't work as the expert in the GW. F. O. Get questions about that a lot. Careful talking about that. We'll have a thousand followups. Let's talk about what he's doing when he comes back here, earthquake starts a feud with bastion booger and work. Several house shows with with earthquake, winning by Penn earthquake is back at Wrestlemania Wrestlemania ten, he's GonNa pin atom bomb in thirty five seconds with the earthquake splash. Meltzer Awry Harvey Whip and started making fun of Howard Finkel with a new hairpiece and ripped his Tux Finkel shoved down whip woman bomb than snatched Finkel, but quake made the save and one almost immediately. This is a little weird. Is it not I mean? Quake segment. This is a guy who has headlined pay per views against token..

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