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Brisbane or Brizzi as it's known to locals is the third just city in Australia and the state capital of Queensland located on the country's eastern edge between the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast the city he's home to a subtropical climate and experiences warm to hot weather for the majority of the year trips Brisbane include activities such as snorkeling strolls along the Brisbane River's South Bank and hikes up Mt Kuta named after the aboriginal word for honey you probably wouldn't expect the Sunny City to be a prime location for ghost hunting but Brisbane is home to more than its fair share of haunted locales and foremost among these is the iconic downtown landmark that is almost synonymous with the city itself Brisbane City Hall the long rectangular red brick building lined with imposing Corinthian pillars Brisbane City Hall has been a point of pride for Queensland apple ever since its completion nineteen thirty the building's construction lasted ten years and cost approximately nine hundred eighty thousand Australian POW more than eighty one million Australian dollars today at three hundred feet high the imposing clock tower that rises from its center was the tallest building in Brisbane for nearly four decades but while its outer appearances nothing to scoff at the interior of the building is where it really leash shines the main foyer houses vaulted ceilings and a grand marble staircase imported from Italy Belgium and south Wales in addition to being the seat of local government the city hall has long been a focal point of public life in Brisbane earning it the moniker the the people's place since its grand opening it has been host to countless music performances local dances and all manner of cultural events it's it's guests include Queen Elizabeth the second and the rolling stones and according to local legend it also happens to be haunted by not one but four ghosts the first of these spectres resides in Brisbane city halls most visible feature it's central Oh clock tower the observation deck on the top floor provides a three hundred sixty degree view of the city the view has changed significantly over the decades as skyscrapers in other modern structures emerged around it but through all this time the means of `accessing the platform has remained the same name the oldest working manual crank elevator it Australia but those who ride won't be alone they'll be a company of one night who's been writing the elevator for almost ninety years breath George Pied Open the door to the control panel and stared at the mess of melted wires he let out a grown of despair it already had to repair the same elevator five times in as many weeks Brisbane City Hall wasn't even scheduled to open for business for another two months so it couldn't have been operated more than a dozen times at most he simply couldn't understand what kept causing it to break down but complaining about it was isn't doing him any good so George rolled-up sleeves and got to work two hours later George wiped his grease covered hands on the pants coveralls and slammed the control panel shut rather than simply install another fuse he decided to rewire the entire thing from the chart if that didn't fix the problem well it or not chinks it George crossed fingers and flipped the power switch a grin spread across his face as the motor chug to life so far so good but the next part would be the real test George placed his hand on the crank and slowly turned it from the one position to to as expected the elevator began to rise George breathed a sigh of relief as it travelled from the first to the second floor he pull the crank further all the way to the final position the cage continue to rise passing the third floor and then the engine sputtered and died the elevator ground to a halt coming to a stop midway between the third and fourth floors George Kirstein Taurus bread breath and kicked the Mesh cage of the lift in frustration he glanced up something was moving above him barely visible through the roof of the cage a dark shape said huddled on top of the elevator he reached for the Claw Hammer protruding from it toolbag he'd been taught not to hold a grudge against any of God's creatures but if this critter was responsible for all the lifts troubles it had to go keep pushed open the hatch and peered out into the darkness of the elevator shaft. Whatever he had seen crouched in the corner was gone but George wasn't one to give a beasley he clambered out of the lift cage onto the mesh roof leading the Hatch Shut behind him he looked around but there was still no sign of the creature the elevator shuttered began to rise as the engine roared to life startled George dropped to his knees and reach to open the trap door he jumped back in surprise as human fingers reached up through the truth they seized the rungs of the hatch and pulled it shut again George pulled out the trap door you're with all his might but it wouldn't budge and the elevator was arising gaining speed with every moment george looked over out there to see the ceiling hurtling toward him his nose Dong as it took in the puget smoke pouring from the worrying gears and Large Spinning pulley system that crew effort closer there was no stopping as progress is only other option would be to fling themselves down the elevator shaft something he could not bring himself to do George made a silent prayer he hoped he wouldn't feel the impact as the ceiling came rushing at him George let out of final screen before his body was crushed I against the unyielding stone.

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