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Years, trying tracking down various problems and trying to understand things just didn't make sense about climate. I can now show, very clearly. The greenhouse warming theory is a mistake. That it is not physically possible. So the biggest crisis facing climate right now is the fact that most climate scientists are absolutely convinced the greenhouse gases on the causa global warming. And they don't even wanna listen to anybody. That's got a different idea. They don't want to consider the possibility. There could be anything different. Meanwhile I show on physically dash impossible dot com. It is physically impossible greenhouse warming theory is based on several assumptions that turn out not to be correct. And greenhouse warming theory has never been demonstrated by experiment. In first of all, tell us, what is the so-called, greenhouse warming theory? Basic idea is that greenhouse gases, which are actually any, any gas molecule was more than three atoms absorb certain amount of energy radiated by earth, and greenhouse warming theory posits, that if the gas absorbs is thermal, energy. It must get hotter and one way or another causes earth to get hotter. But it turns out that it's not absorbing all the energy from earth. And Furthermore, the phone, the mental thing is a body cannot be warmed by its own radiation. So tell us some of the flaws of this climate change debate in your opinion. Well, the biggest flaw right now is the fact that greenhouse warming theory is physically impossible. It is not correct all the arguments, you hear all the modeling here, predicting major warming in the future is all based on the assumption that greenhouse gases absorb infrared energy from earth makes earth, warmer, one way or another. And that's just not possible. Now in terms of 'cause, you know, we admit and you just explained how the planet has warmed up somewhat over the years. In terms of what's causing it. What are what are the possibilities? In two thousand six I was happily cruising the internet when I found some data from, Greenland ice core data whether drill down into the into the glaciers in Greenland and conceal something about the volcanic activity of the past, and the temperature of the past had fairly good resolution and looked at the data and what they showed was the greatest, volcanic activity recorded in, Greenland ice was for sightly, the time we warmed out of the last ice age from twelve thousand five hundred years ago, or twelve thousand years ago, nine thousand five hundred years ago that would imply the Balkan ISM caused warming. Now, I my first active volcano. When I was nineteen, I've studied volcanoes all my life. And I looked at that, and I said, wait a minute. We all know volcanoes cause cooling the rupture. Mount Pinatubo in nineteen ninety one in the Philippines was. Followed by about three years of cooling, about a half a degree centigrade and all major explosive volcanoes in history have caused this kind of cooling, and I said, how could they cause warming and the more, it looked that the more says these are good data the something going on here? We don't understand and to make a long story short. What I've discovered is that. Yes. Big explosive volcanoes cause cooling, and then when you have several of those per century, and it goes on for millennia you can cool a world down into an ice age. But we warm out of an ice age. It's very sudden, and that seems to correlate with a different kind of organism basaltic volcanoes like we see in Hawaii, but at a much greater scale than we see a white where the lava just flows over the land, and there was a time, for example, two hundred and fifty one million years ago when the lava filled. Area in Siberia society United States, we're talking big events here to what we find throughout geologic time is every time there was a major period of warm in there was also a major period of basaltic lava flow. So as I looked into this in more detail, I realize that basaltic lavas are very high temperature. They have a lot of chlorine, and they can they can cause, ozone depletion. And then the more I began to look at the temperature changes in the last few decades, I realize that yes, in the nineteen sixties, we were manufacturing large amounts of CFC gases. This freon used in spray cans uses solvents, and these gases when they get into the upper stratosphere get broken down by ultraviolet radiation from the sun and release atoms of chlorine. And it turns out that one atom of chlorine in the lower stratosphere in a really cold environment can destroy one hundred thousand molecules of ozone, chlorine seems to be the villain here. Well, available Corine is what caused yes. Koren's what causes ozone depletion ozone depletion allows moral tra- violet? Be radiation to reach earth, which causes warming. And so. Man turned on the warming starting in nineteen seventy nineteen seventy five by producing these CFC's. We then pass the Montreal protocol in nineteen eighty seven when we suddenly found the Antarctic ozone hole in nineteen eighty five realizing that this was a bigger problem than we thought and sure enough by nineteen ninety three the increase in CFC's stopped by nineteen ninety five the increase in zone depletion stopped by nineteen ninety eight the increase in temperature stopped so man turned it on and turn it off we caused the problem. And by mistake, we fix the problem is turned off still Peter at this point. The. One of the problems CFC's they last forever. Many CFC's have got a lifetime of fifty seventy five years, she and they're still up in the atmosphere. So we are still depleted or slowly recovering just a few percent of year, and it's going to be several decades before we get back to the ozone levels that we had back in nineteen seventy. So as long as the ozone remains depleted, we're continuing to warm, the ocean or continuing to melt glaciers were continuing to cost sea level to rise. Does the ozone layer, replenish itself, then? The ozone layer actually a molecule of ozone lasts for about eight days. The ozone layer is continually replenishing itself. And it is, in fact, the destroy the separation of oxygen to get atomic oxygen. We send forms with oxygen to form ozone than the separation of ozone back in two forms of oxygen. That's what heats the stratosphere, that's what causes the warming up of the stratosphere when we mess up the cycle when we deplete the ozone, because of CFC's, for example, then of the ozone layer becomes much thinner. Morals. Inviolate be reaches earth. And we get beige warming on earth. Is this something that you're concerned about today as opposed to fifteen twenty years ago? Well, the big problem was twenty years ago, and it was.

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