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Got have conspiracy games uh you know nc state can speed you up they can shoot the three they bought into kevin keegan 100 percent seat all can rebound a ball love my guide busy rodriguez i'll but they don't have a point guard so i'm picking anti state i just saw your seven is largely lending these large good human breeze night even if they can continually throw him the ball torn door nice i liked their team barometer exceeding home will take a little bit of continous on take a little bit of what are you talking about all year round fight as iraq five'senior yassin saying we got some better asked the gave you said was rock fate on era he wrote and guyana at your age start forget about angle with ansi state fighting kevin keegan's i think love the associative vaudin clemson new mexico state they see very interesting game because this is a top twenty defense a team that rebounds the ball a team that has discipline uh a team that has a very good score uh and you're not talking about clemson he'll clubs it's good clubs is really good i mean like really good i think he did heard as scheme with dante grantham others dante grantham they've survived i think pretty well devote really nice player elijah thomas i like you know i did a game early when agis you're leaving thirty setting me up on this one so you can become a nomophobic i'm gonna take them extra state i don't think that's bad pick who's a little point guard porter for new mexico state really handles lousiana and i like christians christianity bowling green was going to get bowling green into the tournament but he had little difficulty in it but things happen yes all right uh that's you're upset i like you're upset i'ma go clemson just crush brabourne house mega l i should homer to auburn and charleston the charleston by the way uh they're pretty good joe chilly really good guard a jerneld brantley six seven can shoot it a revellers ralliers could really.

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