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A little sluggish traffic on the south outside, it's going to be passing by 10 down the wood way. I'm Julie Di Hardy in the Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 hour traffic center. Rain will finally begin to push out only on this Wednesday is the remnants of tropical Storm beta exit probably conditions into the afternoon With a high of 78 degrees. There will be some breaks in the clouds overnight with low 66 Tomorrow mix of clowns and sunshine is the high warms to 83 a study Friday with a hide your 85 I'm meteorologist Jeff Mar from the Weather Channel. It's 75 degrees in Galveston. It's 70 at the K T. R H Top tax Defenders 24 Hour Weather Center. It's news time 901 our top story. The cleanup is on after beta rolls through our area, Galveston felt the brunt of beta this week, Galveston County Judge Mark Henry told Houston's morning news. Things are almost back to normal. We're in good shape. As long as we don't get more rain here here or rain upstream of the creeps. We talked about Dickinson by you Clear Creek that would cause flooding here. Part of the damage the county suffered was a portion of a fishing pier being swept away on Monday by a storm surge. Houston itself had flooding because of beta, but changes that were made after Harvey helped in Harris County. We did not have any structure floating along breeze by you and you know to get 989 10 inches of rain over six straight hour period that in pretty oppressive that the body was able to carry that water and and down at the medical center also no floating down there either. Jeff Lynne dinner with the Harris County Flood Control District, told Houston's morning news. It will be awhile before they know for sure exactly how the changes posted post. Harvey helped. Late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg will lie in repose today at the U. S. Supreme Court.

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