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Read between the lines of book podcast I. Dare Hosts Mali Southgate Today. I'm interviewing. Marissa Mayer Hey Marissa. How are you doing today? An excellent? How about you? I'm doing pretty well? So. Can you tell me about some of your books? I who love to see so I am the author of the Lunar Chronicles which are young adult science fiction. Retailing's of classic Fairy Tales. In which Cinderella is a CYBORG and little red. Riding Hood is a spaceship pilot and Cetera et CETERA. It's very Thank you, and together they. These characters have to join forces to defeat an evil queen who is trying to take over planet earth. I am also the author of these spin off graphic novels, wires and nerve, which continues the story of the lunar chronicles in graphic novel form focused on an android named. Ego? Who takes it on herself to try to stop a group of invading bio-engineered Super Soldiers. that. It was really really fun to write. The I wrote a book called heartless, which is a Prequel to allison wonderland. focused on the queen of Hearts, and how she became the queen of Hearts. And my most recent series is the renegades trilogy about a girl who has been raised by Super, villains and has made it her life's mission to destroy a very powerful group of superheroes called. The renegades however in attempting to do that. She ends up meeting a boy who is a renegade and kind of starts to fall in love with him. which creates all sorts of problems. Mel I. Highly Recommend these books I've only read Cinder, but yet as everything shutdown right after I read center and I was like a whole. Series. So! I know your podcast..

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