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It was like at the end of the day. You're GonNa want somebody that knows the lyrics to shine Jesus shine. I don't know why I just WanNa go like like our God is a God and you can finish awesome and I'm like let's get art and sing light the fire. That's all it and that is what it is and that's okay and you're saying that's the same thing going on holidays 'cause commonality blackness. Yeah would you agree is more than being from Boston absent. Absolutely I understand. Nobody Taylor is going to be what someone who can understand. Like there's been days. Well you get if you get pulled over by a cop. Nobody's like Massachusetts. Although although I have had a cop say you're not from around here are you and I didn't like that. And I'm not saying I can relate. I'm just saying I know. ooh that. That weirdness fucking than uncomfortable. He was a scary moment. Already created a narrative in your head about my past history. And now I have no idea what how you're gonNA act that's right with that weapon from Massachusetts hurt you and this is not saying he understands pizza. I know it's yes. Yeah no it so yes in that. It's like at the end of that. You WanNa come home to someone who gets it and you feel comfortable talking about your experiences. And and they just I understand and on a level that other people don't necessarily understand and so yes that is I think in comes with and I'm not saying saying that black people or a monolith or any raise the monolith because there's different types of people in every race of course but it is always peculiar to me if if I see a black dude who Only ever dated white women. That's a red flag to me. Yeah because it's like why I remember seeing a comedian I'm just trying to represent the other side. Yeah and I forget who it was so forgive me I hate when I quit so I don't know who said it but it was just a youtube clip. That went around and it was a guy saying I like. Let's say was saying I like Asian girls. Yeah it was like and I don't mind saying that that's a fetish then Isn't it interesting. Yeah I feel like Asians in particular. Get the fetish were thrown on them absolutely Louis but black black women to. I'm not dark enough to be a white man's fetish. Let's put that out there. You're not I'm not. I dropped the log if you showed on my name. You're the wouldn't it's all right. I dropped it before I started performing. WanNa stigma godly canvas but there is a there. Oh for sure. The fetishism thing I think with Especially Asian and black women. I don't know about Hispanic women. Maybe guy there's a stereotype of them being like fiery and spicy so the crews in the movie blow started that she shut up little the Perez. And do the right thing started it. You're right you're right hoop earrings yes. Got It all that but anyway. Let's say the guys that I liked black girls and he was like and I don't mind saying that. Ah I can't pick a race that isn't gonNA make. Let's say he he said I like girls from Jupiter. Don't WanNa make it right and he's like but but girls from Jupiter are purple and he's like and I don't mind because he was saying and I feel like we're going to disagree with this and that's what he was saying. It's like saying I like red cars having a preference. Let's see what we say to this. And he can't have that you're allowed to have preferences you can date again you. This is not me saying you. Black people should stick with black. Let people why people should not. I'm a proper education like right year. My whole ancestry. That's what makes this. So Nicky is I feel like there's a lot of white people that are racist. That would agree. I'm with you. I'm saying we should stick to your own race. I'm saying if you are any person who has never dated WHO's only dated a specific and again. I think the speaks more sued just black people in particular because there is a self hatred that it has been ingrained in our DNA from slavery to make us feel that. We're inferior so back to the uncle. Tom Thing back to this is the way I need. This is how who I need to date. This is what I need to look with their skin. Bleaching black people bleach their skin to look lighter so I think this is more. I'm speaking more specifically should lack experience and that it is it is i. It's questionable when you when you when you see a black man or a black woman who only dates white who only dates white. Only I'm I'm not saying they use the day black now they white or they date Hispanic people also whenever if you make you. It is the cultural narrative of that means a new. And you smell bullshit going. I think you're just trying to live up to a cell Patriot there. You don't like yourself rob because you've been taught to not like yourself because of what society diety taught us about what it means to be black interesting. Yeah which yes when I think when people think about the difference between I feel like I can't even talk about this. They feel like again. Don't now my it's a marketing. It's it's the way white women have been marketed as being better I was GONNA say Yeah I. I can't talk sweet looking at this. I've had this conversation with interesting. I can't I'm not saying and white women are better but in most we we see white women put on a pedestal. When we'd have the conversation about how Hollywood needs more diversity? It's just a conversation that we've just been having having chancellor over the past ten years or so. We need to be more diverse onscreen and behind the scenes. But like I was watching I think it was the Oscars or maybe the Golden Globes with my. My friend. Amanda like last year and they were going through the history of the women. Best actresses throughout history since the Oscars were created two black women no other women of color all white women and so it was like when we talk about diversity. White women are not included in that conversation. Because they're fine you'll be fine right. It's women of color that are when we're talking about diversity. That's what we need to help. And so Oh we both had it at the same time actress. Best Actress since the beginning of time. Yeah and it's like no other women of color might be. You changed now since we've been two or three years ago so I don't know I can't remember what who's one sense. But in the moment it was like Halle Berry and there was one other a woman from like the maybe the sixties or seventy something like that and that in Halle Berry now again. This is uncomfortable for me but I like it. Let's push through it. People called all that Holly Berry for for being light. Oh for sure talking about your skin. Color Cameras Yeah. Then an ally in the black we have so many issues and again all stemming from slavery and Jim Crow and whatever it's all that a collective pain body it's like when the psychology of group Yes like Boston has a collective paintbox short areas have painful sure families have payments. You're Dr and he would say that that people oppressed people have like echoes of of pain. Absolutely that they don't even select to be taught at DNA. It's GonNa continue on until the cycle wouldn't it be in your DNA things my baby knows. Why wouldn't everything be carrying like how to pick up a pencil? You know there's a lot we don't even know about passing on I. I you know being a light skinned blackjack I've grown up my whole life my sister with that L.. SPC Yes we're interrupting. I know yes L.. Let's welcome back to worth interrupting. Were I think it was got. Have you been on other was another thereby guys you've been on recently. I'm just saying if people WANNA hear kids into run funches getting better podcast. I guess I bet he didn't interrupt. Did he had a bell that he would ring if I was talking about fun. It's in his name homemade. Jesus Fun Cheese and he is kind of like a bunch of fun. I've always call them. Bunches of punches. I don't know if I've ever said it was fake cheese cheese. Yeah like munchies. And he's he's got he's got him in depth on a treadmill is Iran. Look like ten in years ago. Say Oh I've had experiences myself when we're talking about. Of course my whole entire life of just the color ism within the black community and I just had experienced my sister dealt with differently. She's light skinned but people know she's black so it's like it's one thing where people look at me and they don't. I got my hair airport growing up. I've always didn't fit in. Oh by darker skinned black chicks like pulling my hair because good hair bad hair I was going to say what's going There's a big topic. I saw the movie good movie area so this this is the hair that you have. This is my hair so you. You were teased for that. I was teased. Didn't it all came. You don't want your hair. Teased that way teased out. Nobody should be teasing any of your hair anymore. It's not the ninety eighties or nineties. beat eighty it just means making more font like taking a comb and like Oh using your hair in a way that it makes it stick up. Yeah get more. I've got you so you were tease. Tease my hair. Just my got called on oriented a call all types of names and I felt left out a lot of time than even now as I don't feel joke talking about getting the nod from other black people. We have a Stein a signal like when you walk somewhere and you know like you get some you get the nod like I get you through the. Yeah and we're the only people they're only pete trying to relate not understand another comedian at a party. Yes yeah you connect if I see Jeffress at a party and it's just us. I'm going to try to talk to him. You GotTa Talk Exactly. I'm GONNA say these guys don't know what it feels like to bomb have no idea pinpointing superior being to act that to billions out here. They have no idea but he needs that right. And so I very I get that on occasion but it's very rare and I don't I don't because most people they don't know once they start talking to me and looking at my features and they're like. Oh Yeah Eh. Just in passing I blend and so most people out here. They think I'm Hispanic they think I'm Puerto Rican or whatever Jennifer Lopez. I get called a lot of things I've been called Asian before the rocker came up. Iraq's got that's actually in my bio it's like you're like I want to be. Ah I wanted to have a career yes. He's my racial ambiguity. To parlay into a huge correct the rock legislating Erik Griffin has has the same problem Blake Griffin knows all the Griffin's autographed all the Griffin's I I got into genome is pat miss of course. Yeah Oh I do not tell me everything I have I. I did about saying her name. I did a panel with her and we had a lot of laughs. Okay and that sounds about right nice superficial interaction but also your white. So she's not going to act towards you the way she acts towards me but oh we got into it because see. We don't even know we didn't even know what this happened. A few months ago maybe three months ago she disrespect affected me on stage. She's at the comedy store. Mind you there's only like there's maybe like me Punky Alisa Cooper Ms Pat. I might be missing. One that are like active. Working Regulars paid regulars at working at the comedy store right now black women. There's not a lot of black women that are paid regulated uncover. It's just a handful of us and I'm not saying that's because of any particular reason and I'm not saying I love the comedy I'm not GonNa talk about it but I'm just saying that's who the working black female uh-huh Comedians are at the store right. Now you're just putting it helps the story to say. This is a small group of last night and we were on a line like you guys should be sticking together yes not yes not trying to pull another down I mean just in general Ehrman inject stems from telling the stories because this is where it comes from. There's there's a there's an insecurity and a cell Patriot in our community. That made this woman. She we didn't even know each other like she never introduced herself to me. She actually interrupted a conversation. I was having with another black comic comic at the comedy store. One night interrupted our conversation and started talking to him and didn't say anything to me..

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