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Let's talk about Serena Williams. There's an article New York Times by Vanessa Friedman called. Serena Williams won't be silenced. Her clothes are doing the talking. And it said Serena Williams, tennis, outfits are political tool. And here's why the French Open started on Sunday on that day, Williams, wore her latest Nike outfit. It was designed by Virgil at blow. It was part of the Nike off-white, Perner ship, it was black and white striped had crop top a skirt. It also had a jacket that looks like a small Cape that she took off in which she played. It was really cool. It also had the words mother champion Queen and goddess on it in French last year. If you remember Williams wore. Catsuit to the French Open. We talked about it on this show. I was like, kind of like a body suit, right? Everyone lost their damn minds for her wearing this cat suit. She wore for specific reason to help prevent blood clots because she had just given birth. The French Open thirties, said it was a dress code violation and also kicked up a debate on what athletes should wear on the court. Specifically, what was expected of female tennis players. The US open that same year Williams played in a two, I think just to be like all gave you famine. It was awesome. It was also designed by Abbo and Nike. Serena Williams is not just one of the top female athletes in the world. She is one of the top athletes, period. So which she came out in this outfit. It was a great tennis outfit. But I also think there's something kind of. Pointed here where it said those words that described her not an English friend. She said in French, and I think that is part of an ongoing conversation. She's having about being an athlete fashion. And what is expected in this role that she is just subverting by being herself? And through the use of close. Yeah, if you're not a fan of Serena Williams, you can go away from me. Yup. If I remember correctly from last year at the French Open, a lot of the flack that she guy was from the French audience. Am I remembering that correctly, it was from the, the French Open forties? So it wasn't necessarily from the public, I suppose she got to mostly the pop goes on our side. It was mostly from the people who the very traditionally authority figures around that particular event because tell you, I love watching tennis, but is the most uptight sport y'all got, like all over the world. These uniforms, or does impractical. And I just don't understand any of it. Love the sport, hate the rules around. High got address there. I think here like Serena's speaking to exactly who she wants to speak to. Yeah. I think whatever like great like through both ripple. She's in with, like Virgil. Blow. And Nike is so great because of Virgil Abla will poke the bear, right? Yeah. And Nike's letting the two of them worked together to do it. And saying, we, we Stammheim this woman, and I love that relationship that they have in terms of design and apparel. Agreed. It's a great thoughtfully, right? Which I keep calling through everyone corrects me every time, which tells you that I'm not in one. Yeah. I heard it on shits creek. I'm still confused. Smother quick fashion news carrying has announced that it's going to stop hiring models under the age of eighteen the company owns Gucci. Saint Laurent Balenciaga, a host of other luxury brands and the new rule goes into effect for all of its brands next year. Carryings chief sustainability officer, Marie-Claire devote told business of fashion, we are more and more conscious of the kind of influence..

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