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The subject emails, sometimes some key sentences thing in in variable to come up, and they do such a good job of debunking a lot of that stuff and walk through. I love snaps dot. com. So for the for the militias misinformation stuff. Obviously, it's a lot of stuff we've talked about. Before the the the ultimate goal is money even with Malware, the ultimate goal summit either to extort. You're to get information about them eventually the money, but for like misinformation, especially the militias when you talk about like what would the end goal? There is just a so chaos as individuals it nation states. With you on that one Kerry I don't know. So yeah. That one. I, I've seen misinformation used primarily again as as something to get someone to hand over money or two again. Unintentionally install a malicious package that could maybe steal information from them. Steal data, which then in turn again used for extortion right? That's that's what I've seen. I haven't seen a way to separate the militia information. As a as a vector from you know. What what all of these things are trying to do? WHICH IS EXTORT JER? Let's. Let's get into a little bit of the The technical aspects just a just a bit at the high level, so walk us through the types of like what types of now are we seeing? in how how they work? Yeah absolutely so we've encountered quite a few well. We should our bikes. And we have names to them as well, so let's just kind of go through them. We one recently called the Ave Maria with has taken uptick recently, and I'll be. Maria is a remote access Trojan basically successfully implemented. It allows a hacker to gain remote control capabilities of of your system. That means someone could steal your passwords. They could download your information they can even control your Webcam it's. It's really bad stuff. Another Dangerous Malheur that we've seen with an uptick is one called. It cannot only swipe your information from your machine, but it can also serve as. Sort of a first step to downloading more separate malware onto your machine, it's a two step process basically and then we've seen some others with Maine's got Loki bought. We've got net wired RC and They provide key logging features meaning that what you type is revealed to hacker, which again in turn could with a little bit of work be revealing your passwords that reveal that let someone gain access to your accounts. There's a little bit everything up there and they suck. You don't want them on your computer. How about how about ransomware is up? I mean that's been on the uptick for the last couple years. Just General I assume that that this situation is no different. Yeah, ransomware, you are absolutely correct. It has been on an uptick in recent years, and particularly what I think is pretty scummy. Again here is that. About last month we saw a couple of ransomware. Groups say that they would not attack healthcare systems. Some weird sort of. I. It's not even honor among the. It's the honor of the thieves. Explain it. I think within two weeks of that statement, there was a there was a group that ran one called May's I believe that that attack healthcare system with ransomware, and so it's like. I..

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