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Owns a rescue dog you may not know what preacher pedis since most Mozart combination well now there's a way to find out more about your dog centric ancestry with a DNA testing kits although some that say don't take the results too seriously here's an here's Patty neighmond where this wiki let's get the squeaky toy Marie Morris was told her dog Hanya was a German shepherd mix and she definitely looks like a German shepherd only she isn't a lighter in color and much smaller where's My Girl give me a shake but when cordis take Sonya out for walks she sometimes hears comments that are concerning this one little boy that even said mommy look at that ladies walking a coyote because she is about the size of a coyote she has the same coloring other people said she looks like a wolf or she looks like a fox so cordis decided to find out she went online order to DNA kit swamped on his mouth for saliva put it in a tube mailed it off and one week later what came back was that eighty eight percent of her is German shepherd so that tells you that one parent was probably a pure bred and the other parent was a mix and they identified it as is the hound family so it's like greyhound bloodhound with pets definitely not a fox wolf or coyote but does it really make a difference what breed your dog is doctor Angela Hughes of that merry geneticists with Mars petcare which makes a dog DNA test says knowing the breed helps you understand your dog better what makes them tick why do they look the way they do why they act the way they do it helps use with her own dog who turned out to be part Russell terrier and part Australian cattle dog understanding that that's just how she is hard wired that she needs a lot of exercise and she needs you know certain things let terriers need like you know a quiet dark place today and so that she can kind of get away and not feel like she has to be on patrol all the time recognize that she's going to go ballistic at the sight of any score for all those sorts of things and that she's not just trying to irritate me but that's how how she works but these testing kits are also being used to check for potential health problems and veterinary bioethicists Lisa Moses says this is where the problems come in she's with Harvard medical school's center for bioethics I want pet owners and veterinarians to understand that they should not be using direct to consumer dog DNA testing to make medical decisions about individual animals Moses says the tests aren't that accurate in part because the FDA doesn't regulate them and just because a DNA test suggests a vulnerability to disease she says it doesn't mean the dog will actually get it it's quite possible that you would end up doing a lot of unnecessary testing to look for signs of disease if you have a dog who seems perfectly healthy and not only could that be costly but it could also be invasive and potentially even harmful to your dog especially Moses says if people make treatment decisions based on misleading DNA results what I see that could possibly happen that would be really bad as people choosing to do treatments and things that would end up being for a wrong diagnosis if you're concerned about a health problem Dr John how president of the American veterinary medical association says your best bet is to talk with your vet because veterinarians are really adept at using all of our education experience our senses and our knowledge to really diagnose and treat the patients that we have as well as incorporating any external information in from our clients were from literature or other veterinarians but how says if you just want to find out more about your dogs ancestry DNA test could be a fun thing to do just understand that it may not be accurate had a name NPR news and this is NPR news you're listening to morning edition on KCRW now this from KCRW knows house Democrats confidant they have enough evidence to impeach president trump I think the case we have is presented to a jury would be a guilty verdict in about three minutes flat the house intensive vote on impeachment before Christmas we'll have the latest that's coming up on morning edition here on KCRW good morning I'm role Gumbel's coming up on morning becomes eclectic I'll be sharing some of my favorites from KCRW's best of twenty nineteen list including a level Necro.

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