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I've decided to experiment with disorder. It's poetic ray of Mike. Today we have a very interesting interview with the former congresswoman from California's twenty Fifth District Katie Hill. We were really excited to talk to Katie today. Just a heads up. We did not address What happened to her when she resigned. I mean we acknowledged you lose. Let's just be straight up so like she had. She had a relationship with a staffer That was inappropriate and she also had Spouse that she was divorcing who put out a bunch of photos of her That is and that's like a some of this is still ongoing court stuff. It's a very messy story. It's also been exhaustively covered by like a billion different journalists in in places so you can find multiple interviews with Katie. You can find Journalists who went into the story talking with other people like there's tons of that stuff and It's it's it's there's plenty out there. That's not what we're talking about today. Because she has this experience that we find valuable. Yeah we're going to transmit to you and I thought it was a really interesting conversation so here that is oh well today. We are very grateful to be joined by Katie Hill. The former Congressman from California's twenty Fifth District. Hi Katie has a going. Hello thanks for having me We're we're very grateful For you to take the time out of your schedule to chat with us My very busy schedule of sitting in my apartment. Yeah I think we can all relate to that right now. We're all kind of on the schedule. Except for those of us who are worried about how to get through the hordes of sick people to get to their yachts. That's true that's true yes solidarity to those people and their struggles that are very very real Yeah so Katie. There you wound up resigning very controversial after details of your personal life. Where shall we say? weaponized people can read any number of articles if they want to form any number of opinions out there. There's a quite quite a lot that's been written. That's not what we're going to be talking about today. We might return at a later interview Today we have Some different topics we'd like to get into because you have this experience of not just sort of of running for office in a more conservative district but as someone who had a lot of progressive Political stances on as someone who had to work on Capitol Hill As someone who is still kind of in that world now but in a different context so yeah all of that stuff art experiences..

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