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I mean, you're talking about this. This really is unforgettable shit to the moment where you're not this movie zits this is going to maybe I'm wrong because people do love dogs. So I don't know, and I hope I never wished it anything bad on anything. So I had hoped this movie does decent. However, I have a feeling that this movie is not going to do so well, and and I think it's going to be just trampled in a lot of people won't even realize his movie was ever played at theater at one time. And still though I give it a. Get a pretty decent rental. I mean, if I had seen this on TV there are moments in here where I would have been like, all right, I'm enjoying it enough while I'm never gonna turn the channel. I wanna see what Gertrude gonna wear next. I wanna see this story right here that I am interested in. I wanna see what this dog does. So yeah, give it a round. Yeah, I hate this film. I hate. I hate what this film is about. I hate the way it was constructed. I hate that. I hate that that it resurrected genre that I was happy to see dead. I hate that it's using dogs and cliche romantic stories to manipulate the audience to manipulate me and, and I hate that it's pulling in Armageddon. Wade has actors who I normally like and respect doing stuff that I put join me in just for this material that they should meet doing is beneath them. I really dislike all of that, but it was funny in the beginning and the story with the. With the kid fin wolf heart in. Bobby fish. I did like that and it was it was it was touching, especially the closer toward the end that that's enough to save it from me given it some bullshit, but it's a low rental. All right. Well, we still in there. I mean, come on power of dolls and old people like dogs. I don't. I don't want somebody going, hey, don't you love dogs and now you can love me. No, fuck you. I like my dog get outta my God faith. Okay. We'll get on outta here for Martin who's fucking. Got it. Got rebuke. That's like going to vote for me. I have a cute dog on us. All right. Oh, finally, we've been winning the chronicle awards. Take my dog on the chronicle. Could you turn this down? All right. We got one more movie to review. We're gonna get into star. Does Willie never end these movies, and they will not end movies that is that is our life tonight stop to play for us. Right. About picking? I hear a cease of Kim's back there. Oh, okay. All right. Oh, she's being up on a burn. That was string. It's. Are over to. Keep the change. You. Fence because you're just super fat. I called you pizza out of my kids. Don't like old people.

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