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You know what I'm saying? But I say that because they're going to be listening tonight. But those guys could run Ralph. They worked on their craft and trade every day. They knew how to set the routes up and they got the separation that you needed. But there's an art to that. It's got to be worked every single day, just working at fine tune of art. And I mentioned, you know, the comebacks on the outside. Really, you don't need a lot of speed to run a comeback. It's a deception. It's all where your eyes are going. If you're showing that DB, you're running the go route by your shoulders by your head by your eyes. You can get that separation coming and run the comebacks. I still think there's some mileage out there offensively to help Spencer Peters and his big arm throwing those deep sideline comebacks, Corona routes and the go ball. And just work on ways to do that to get the ball down the field. You know? And but the crossing process why you're seeing a lot of those time because that's the best insurance way to get guys open. It just seems like some of the stuff they're doing is really just to make sure they're low risk. Low risk, lower reward kind of things that you're not going to have a mistake. It's almost risk averse offense rather than high risk throwing it down the field. But I think they've got to figure out a way to get the ball to Tyrone Tracy, which brings back the jet sweeps and things like that because he is your he and goodson, I think are the two most dynamic veteran playmakers, although Iver Kelly Martins look good too. Yeah, I think you mentioned a high risk high reward. There's times where you have to be able to do that high risk because what happens when you just get in the low risk and conservatives now, you feel like offensively, are we carrying our weight here? We have to rely on the defense the whole time. And then you kind of start developing a mindset of let's play not to lose. You know what I'm saying? Instead of playing the win, there's a different that's a different mentality. Those are two different things, mentally, is playing a win and playing not to lose. When you start playing not to lose, then you're then you're just you're in like a phone booth. It's hard to explain time. You're just mentally you can't expand and you just get narrow minded with your play calling in your quarterbacking. And things after a while become unsure. So that's got to be something that they guard against moving forward, no doubt about it. One of the things that I'm curious to get your view on is the offensive line, they've kind of been shuffling guys in and out a little bit with some substitutions kind of coldly going in. Jack plum going in a little bit. It's hard to get that continuity, especially with young players, is that really important the next two weeks, really?.

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