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How are you doing great. This is a. Whole new vista for folks. Like me who are a little bit longer of, tooth remember when athletes. Were known, for what they did on the field and maybe doing the TV commercial where they shaved without water but, now they have to be so aware. Of how they do not just now in the moment but also how they comported themselves in the past right, I know we've, just confirmed, a digital world that everything. That happens off the, field You know whether it's on your social media what you're doing in public someone is recording it. Right as you mentioned gonna screen shot and somehow some way it will come to surface Lauren it's gotta be it's a fine. Line too because on the one hand if you want to generate followers and get re tweets he, kinda got to walk the little bits and on. The? Other hand you go over that edge is going to have the completely bad effect Yeah I think. You're absolutely right so what, we usually do with our clients you know we put it out there To allow their fans you get, to know the next person because when it comes to being a professional athlete you people put them. On this pedestal and forget, that they are human figure out a way to yourself was on. The, fan for connect so you. Wanna do that but there are certain things, that you, stay away from certain topics That obviously that that old thing that your parents used. To say you know think twice about it you know maybe you shouldn't put it. Out there and we kind of stand by the same rules our clients rely with Lauren, Walsh l., w. branding agency that handles athletes. In their social media both their their. Past in their present I think. A lot of what struck people about this hater. Story Lauren is the fact that we know you shouldn't do certain things on social media we think that younger people are certainly more savvy than older folks like us, who maybe you know just throw it all out there don't realize that this stuff is, eternal younger folks are more savvy yet, we see younger people consistently getting caught these things I'm guessing you must see it with some of. The clients you deal with, that you get to it before it hits the light of day We do I, mean every, every client that we work with. Before they even reach the draft and. Try to get them before they're. Even going in any sort of training before the. Combine but we literally go through every single post that has ever been put out there from the time that they signed up for an account He I think back I mean it has seven years of dot But he writes seventeen and when he was, seventeen nowhere in the back of his mind was he thinking Monday I'm going to be in the all. Star game, in someone's, going to find what I'm saying here today so that's I mean that's. Exactly, what we're doing after we encourage agents or the actual players wow is that you, have to, go back to it, because the thing. That you know professional athletes their career is athlete it's the, same we see it in the professional world, where your corporate professional they get caught whether it's thirty interview process. They don't get hired or someone, finds that they put out there the same thing goes for that, so, so different for professional athletes and isn't, it also wise advice Lauren that if you do have sex tape you should keep it locked up in the Bank. Deposit vault and take. It out, and watch it on your birthday Yeah oh yeah absolutely yeah because everyone has raised.

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