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Slave trade is considering at apology for its role and buying and selling people cbs news correspondent jim krasula reports the charleston south carolina city council tonight we'll discuss a two page slavery apology resolution city councilman william gregory as a modern day council at a minimum should recognize the errors of the ways of our predecessors and attempt to make things whole while we can the city hall building where the debate will take place was built by slaves nearly half of african slaves entered the united states through charleston south carolina jim chris cillizza bs do today is june teeth celebration of the end of slavery at five forty eight let's update traffic and weather together on wcbs starting in the traffic center here's dan and westbound queens they're mainstreamed the wrapping up that accident there that was blocking the left lane eastbound jackie robinson parkway and your cypress hill street still working on carrying a crash had the one lane blocked with that cross the east river wrapping up work at queens midtown tunnel frogs nick whitestone looking okay crossed the hudson five to ten at the inbound george washington bridge not even ten nearly at the george washington bridge imbalances looking pretty good lower level find out lincoln doubles more like a five to ten minute wait though and alternate side is in effect forte watch out in new jersey on route eighty westbound there's mercy pothole repairs so westbound to exit sixty two i talked about a lane closed earlier waltz three lanes now some three left lanes are blocked westbound eighty into exit sixty two for the garden state parkway northbound new jersey turnpike car lanes south of the molly pitcher service areas still working on clearing an accident at is taking out the left lane alternate side in effect for today mass transit looking good so far eligible or metro north jersey transit trains to are you hiring with indeed you could post job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on qualified candidates in an online dashboard get started at indeed dot com slash higher next traffic update less than ten minutes on.

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