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Teammate forecast of the top at 30 past each hour on news radio w F L A He feels comfortable this morning. Certainly some lower humidity behind yesterday's cold fried. But not all that much cooler a high today of 72, which is exactly average for this time of the year, and they'll be some patchy clouds around. Those will continue into the evening as it slowly cools down overnight lows above average near 60. Ahead of a stronger storm system that arrives tomorrow, mostly in the afternoon with a 60% chance of showers and possibly some stronger thunderstorms and highs in the mid seventies were cooler behind that cold front. Maxim integrate meteorologist Lise van. The UV index is three right now. Mostly cloudy 64 degrees in ST Petersburg, 62 in Clearwater and 63 after severe weather station news radio w F L A Next up dated 6 15 on Chris trunk man. You're listening to am Tampa Bay on news radio. W F L A Good morning. It's a M Tampa Bay on a Tuesday morning here at 609 with Jack and Aaron and Natalie and Katie, and you could be a part of the group here by calling us at 800. 9699352 Got, of course, a lot of big stories. The Electoral College made it official yesterday. And selecting Joe Biden to be the President elect and you'll take office on the 20th of January. Of course, the results of the Electoral College will be official become official on January 6th. But it has been done. And the other thing that's happening here. Are the covert 19 vaccines being shipped out and shipped here. In fact, Tampa General Hospital got there. First ones. Monday morning yesterday morning and are already administering them. Anyway. Those are a couple of things will be talking about. Um, and again our number 809 69935 to a 10. After six. We turned over to John Thomas and traffic. Tomas Nissan Traffic Center I for coming into Tampa slow since you get to the I to 75 connection, and I to 75 £7..

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